2009 Big Board: Top 100 Prospects Updated

Wed, 05/13/2009 - 7:04am
With the draft lottery less than a week away, it's time to reasses the Big Board (top 100 prospects) for the 2009 NBA draft.

A number of players who had declared for the draft already announced they will return to school (SEC stars Patrick Patterson, Jarvis Varnado and Michael Washington).

DeMar DeRozan
A number of players have made dramatic jumps since our last update in March.

Ultra athletic wing DeMar DeRozan used an excellent finish to the season to jump 26 spots to #5.

Final Four MVP Wayne Ellington also made a huge jump rising 31 spots to #9.

Jonny Flynn made the biggest rise leaping 40 spots to #13.

Florida State PG Toney Douglas made the biggest jump going from unranked to #38, a rise of 63 spots.

With a number of players opting to return to school, it opened up positions for numerous senoirs and early entrants. Early entry Ater Majok (not expected to stay in) and Leo Lyons rose nearly 50 spots into the top 60.

With Workouts underway, players are sure to see their draft stock rise and fall.

Stay tuned as the Big Board will be updated regularly leading up the 2009 NBA draft on June 25th.

2009 Big Board: Top 100 Prospects
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BJ Mullens No. 16, You Can't Be Serious

Aran is a very keen observer of talent, but I have no idea why he placed BJ Mullens at number 16. This is a guy who couldn't start on his college team. In my opinion, he isn't even ready for the Big Ten, let alone the NBA.

Mullens is obviously a guy with a lot of potential, who like Cole Aldrich from Kansas, had a chance at becoming an outstanding player if he stayed @ Ohio State another 2-3 years. If there was one college player from whom it was probably mandatory to stay in college to perfect his game, it would be him. Mullens doesn't yet understand the nuances of basketball so I believe he will be swallowed up by the NBA next year. He's almost certainly going to become one of those dime a dozen guys we always talk about who have potential, but never come close. If he's fortunate enough to even make a team, Mullens will probably spend his entire NBA career as a back up.

However, NBA GMs aren't very bright and they're enamored with height, so I'm relatively confident that one foolish GM will waste a first round pick on Mullens.

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Thanks for the feedback! 
Thanks for the feedback! 

Mullens didn't show us much this year, but in a draft devoid of bigmen, and talent in general, I expect Mullens to find a spot in the teens to early 20s. Many have him pegged as a bust, but taken in that range will allow him to come along slowly without immediate pressure.

Remember bigmen take the longest to develop. He was once thought to be a top pick candidate and has a lot of talent. He's easily got the talent to be a starting center someday and even be a top 10 center. The questions all revolve around his desire and hunger.

In that 15-20 range, if he never pans out, you don't automatically lose your job. This is a long term project with an outside chance to end up one of the top 5 players from this draft.

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Tell me why, Aran..

...that Wayne Ellington, Gerald Henderson and Chase Buddinger should be 9-10-11 while Jeff Teague, Tyreke Evans, and Ty Lawson are 17, 23, 24.

You guys know talent, so you must see something in those guys. But aren't decent NBA wings a dime a dozen? Are any of those guys better than Kelenna Azubuike or Courtney Lee or CJ Miles?

Ellington is a decent scorer but plays no defense and is average athlete and short for an NBA SG. Henderson is a very inconsistent shooter for an an NBA SG. Buddinger should be playing volleyball, he has no feel for the game, doesn't do any one thing particularly well.

Teague is a better offensive player than any of them(better FT shooter and 3p shooter and better getting to the rim off the dribble), plus he can play point(maybe). And he's only a sophomore. Tryeke Evans can also get to the rim and possibly play point with great size. Ty Lawson has an NBA ready game and was the true heart of that UNC team. They all have potential to be game-changers, more risky possibly, but GM's will take the risk and let the role-playing wings slide come draft day. Just my two cents.

Keep up the good work!

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BJ Mullens

What's all the negativity with BJ Mullens. Look past his stats. He is the most athletic 6'10 player or taller outside of Griffin. He is really a more athlethic Dirk, with a bigger body than Kaman. 7'0 265-270 Ibs. I think he will past the expectation of even an Andrew Bynum. Remember he is only 19 yrs old. He can dunk with cathing the ball and put it around his legs. he dunks like a guard/small foward. cut him some slack beacuse all his critics/evaluators will be swallowing their pencil for not giving him some credit. I am not a BJ Mullen fan, but I see this kid has more talent and potential than Thebeet. Thebeet has only got attention because of his height and length. Other than that he is a bust if you think about it. He does not jump high or nearly as high as BJ Mullens, slow runner but he does try. Should not compare him with Motumbo because Motumo is 10x's better than Thabeet at the same age, and Motumbo barely new how to play!!!

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dominic james

does anyone think Dominic James is going to the nba i mean the is a awesome player

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With a number travesti of

With a number travesti of players opting to medyum return to school, it opened up positions for numerous senoirs and travesti early entrants. Thank you very much...

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