NBA Summer League: Most Disappointing

Tue, 07/27/2010 - 11:57pm

Top 10 most disappointing from Las Vegas Summer League:

1) James Johnson – 5 games 8ppg 3.4rpg 2.4apg 32.5 FG%

James JohnsonJames JohnsonAfter a strong 2009 SL (16.7ppg 7rpg 3.6apg), Johnson returned to Las Vegas and could only manage 8ppg 3.4rpg 2.4apg on 32.5fg% shooting in his 5 games here. Johnson is a true confidence player and struggles with inconsistency as a result. He is very talented but has the ability to look like an all star one minute, then a borderline d-leaguer the next. Hopefully he can strengthen his case for more minutes with a strong training camp.

2) Taylor Griffin – 5 games 3.8ppg 3.6rpg 1.2apg 23.3 fg%

Griffin had a decent opener to summer league, posting 7 points, 7 rebounds with 2 steals and 2 blocks. His performances went down hill from there and he couldn’t buy a basket, shooting a horrible 23% from the field and 16.7% from long range. Griffin was unimpressive in his 5 games here and has since been waived by Phoenix

3) Andy Rautins – 5 games 5.8ppg 1.8rpg 1.4apg 32.4 fg% 26.9 3fg%

Like Griffin, Rautins also had a solid start to summer league, going for 11 points 2 rebounds and 3 steals on 4//11 shooting. His shot went missing after that, connecting on just 32.4fg% and 26.9 3fg%. Despite his poor shooting, Rautins competes hard,protects the ball and is organized on both ends of the floor. He did threaten to get going in his last couple of games however he was comprehensively out-played by fellow Knick second rounder Landry Fields.

4) JR Smith – 2 games 9ppg 1.5rpg 1apg 29.4fg% 20.3fg%

No-one really had an explanation for J.R Smiths presence in summer league this year. Some speculated it was used to work with Ty Lawson however whatever the reason, Smith was simply awful in his two games, jacking up poor shots on his was to 9ppg on 29.4% shooting and 20% from long range.

5)Demarre Carroll – 5 games 9.2ppg 5.2rpg 0.8apg 37.2fg% 48ft%

While fellow 2009 draft picks Sam Young and Hasheem Thabeet increased their 2009 SL productivity, DeMarre Carroll’s games hasn’t changed from what we saw last year. He scored fewer points in more minutes this year, thanks to shooting 37.2fg% and converting less than half his free throw attempts.

6) Rodrigue Beaubois – 5 games 14ppg 2.2rpg 3apg 43.5fg% 32 3fg%

Beaubois’ numbers were down in all categories from last year's summer league (5 games 17ppg 3.4rpg 3.8apg 1.4spg 47fg% 41.9 3fg%). Although he looked good at times, he will need to continue to work on his ability to run the point (15 assists to 21 turnovers) and consistency on his outside shot. Beaubois’ finished the summer league well, with good shot selection and a perfect 3/3 from long range in the blow out against the Kings. Despite his numbers, the most impressive aspect of Beaubois’ game was his ability in the clutch, hitting the game winner and making a series of big plays in the overtime win against Milwaukee. But better consistency needs to be there from him.

7) Eric Bledsoe – 5 games 10ppg 4.2rpg 3.6apg 6.2TO 38.6fg%

Bledsoe had a rough welcome to the NBA in Vegas, struggling in several aspects of his game. He has got a decent shot, which he displayed in his college career, but he put up ordinary numbers in Vegas. Bledsoe shot just 38.6fg% 25 3fg% & 53.6ft%. for 10ppg. His 6.2 TO per game was the most glaring number. He has the talent & athleticism to one day be an NBA player, but is still a way off from playing any meaningful minutes for Los Angeles.

8) Earl Clark – 5 games 14.8ppg 5rpg 1.4apg 37.1fg%

Clark showed some improvement during the week however his shot selection was very poor for most of summer league. He averaged 14.8ppg 5rpg 1.4apg in 5 games,but shot 37fg% (his regular season fg %) in getting there. Despite this, Clark may still be in a position to double his regular season minutes from last year.

9) Gerald Green - 5 games 8.6ppg 3.6rpg apg 44.7 fg% 23 3fg%

Green had his moments in Vegas, as the high scorer for the Lakers in their final game. His athleticism is obvious however he wasn't a standout and would have liked to have shot better than his 3/13 from long range to get more interest from NBA teams.

10) OJ Mayo - 2 games 15.5ppg 2rpg 3apg 7.5 TO 47.8fg% 81.8ft%

Mayo came to Vegas to work on his point guard play. He may well have challenged Bledsoe for the most turnovers in summer league had he played more than two games. Mayo put up some decent numbers from the field & free throw line however his assist to turnover ratio is not what the Grizzlies coaching staff were hoping for. Mayo committed 15 turnovers and dished out just 6 asssits. With Mayo's disappointing experiment at the point, it will be interesting to see what his future in Memphis holds.

Demarcus Oneal
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Where is daniel Orton on this

Where is daniel Orton on this list

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daniel orton was in a

daniel orton was in a different league,
this is the one in vegas

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it was all good just a year ago


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^LMAO McDunkin I was

^LMAO McDunkin

I was disappointed in Clark too....He is physical gifted, but he plays too soft and doesn't seem to know how big he is. Has perimeter tools, but none of them are that polished.

OJ Mayo isn't a PG either

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Evan Turner

Isnt more expected out of the number 2 pick when hes considered the most NBA ready guy in draft?

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On the home page it says: "A

On the home page it says:

"A look at the players that had a subpar showing in Las Vegas."

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i dont even remember him playing. idk how i missed that

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Sucks to see Taylor Griffin

Sucks to see Taylor Griffin struggling to find his way. High character guy who could do alot of good for a locker room if only he were a bit...(for lack of a better word)..better.

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OJ Mayo

Why would OJ be threatened by displaying what many knew? He isn't a pg. Just means that Mike Conley can go another year underachieving instead of the Griz going with a bigger lineup. Something tells me Bledsoe is going to get a lot of run this year...

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replica watch(

Sucks to see Taylor Griffin struggling to find his way.

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