Zach Randolph arrested

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Zach Randolph arrested

Z-Bo was apparently arrested earlier in the week for posession of 2lbs of marijuana, he could well be charged with intent to supply too. If he is found guilty he is likely to get the two year statutory ban that OJ Mayo is currently serving and Chris Anderson served a decade back.

Z-Bo is 36 years old now so if banned it will almost certainly be the end of his NBA career. After being a talented player but also part of the notorious Jailblazers era in Portland, he was often seen as the sort of player who could end up out of the league at a young age perhaps like Eddy Curry.

But after stints with Knicks and Clippers he found a long term home in Memphis, made All Star games, 3rd All NBA team and remained in the league a lot longer than anyone thought. His turnabout in character had been so great in recent years he had become a respected senior pro, who embraced a bench role last year and was signed as a veteran presence by the Kings this summer.

They always say a leopard never changes his spots so if Z-Bo has been stupid again then it could be a sad end to a reformed career.

The Kings would I assume cancel his contract if he was banned and would have his cap space available again potentially. I wonder if they would go with their younger frontcourt roster or possibly look for another solid veteran alongside Vince Carter and George Hill who were brought in over the summer. Andrew Bogut might be an interesting option, he has his title so may fancy a mentor type of role here.

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Got a lot of respect for

Got a lot of respect for z-bo. He has always been a solid basketball player on the court and from what I've heard respected in the community outside of basketball. True journeyman and pioneer for the game. I hope this is somehow a misunderstanding and is probably hyped up by the media, and he makes it back to play ball again.

On that note let it be known that no one is perfect and we all make bad choices and mistakes throughout our lives. After making as much money as he has throughout his career, it's a shame he put himself in such a bad spot for probably no good reason. That's beside the point, take your punishment like a man and get back on the court asap.

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Guess He signed with the

Guess He signed with the Sacramento Kings for a reason..

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I will never forget 1 game he

I will never forget 1 game he got Fouled super hard. Hit the floor awkwardly. It was a home game so the crowd got Quiet and was in Disbelief. Even watching from the TV you would think he Injured something just from the loud THUMP when he hit the floor. He didn't move for a few seconds. Then he turns over on his Stomach and started doing Pushups lol. Never seen the grizzles crowd get hyped like that before.

I respected him ever since seeing him on MTV cribs. Guys like him and Marshawn Lynch u just got to respect. It sucks he could get hit with the intent to sell. Dude just blows weed. Anybody can look at Zach Randolph and tell he Blows weed. Dude dosent need to sell! Just went Over board with that Cali Kush.

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Really I can't believe the

Really I can't believe the idiots who are speaking against zbo. Intent to sell yea right. LOL. First off smoking or possessing weed is still illegal for no good reason. The only people who say well the law is the law are mostly white people and uppity minorities.

Didnt hitster say I guess a leopard never changes his spots, well if your posts weren't so boring you would get more a plus 1 or minus 1 almost every time you post.

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Lol you gotta stop smoking

Lol you gotta stop smoking that weed bro! He's in the positive on points when you are sitting in the negatives

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Miko, Pretty sure that was


Pretty sure that was Game 1 against the Clippers a few years back. The one where we blew a 27 point lead but not before my brother started the wave in the upper deck.


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Isn't cannabis now legal in

Isn't cannabis now legal in California?

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Not until January 1st, 2018

Not until January 1st, 2018 for recerational..

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Im just curious to know why

Im just curious to know why he would have 2 pounds of weed like that. He should have a team of people capable of handling things like that for him in the first place but secondly who gets 2 pounds of weed for personal use it doesnt make sense.

Weed dries up unless you freeze or refrigerate it. Freezing it ruins the potency and refrigerating it only extends the shelf life a bit like it would a tomato or anything else. If he smoked 3 times a day to get really high two pounds would last him about a year. The weed wouldnt stay fresh that long no matter what you did.

Its also not enough for a multi millionaire to see enough money in selling because its only worth about $4000 to $6000.

He most have wanted it for friends/family or for a party or something or he just got caught with the 2 pounds when he had way more.

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Dumb as hell

He is a multi millionaire and in the weed spot ..

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Hey man just a couple elbows.

Hey man just a couple elbows. Probably gets a couple every month.

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The Grizzlies were supposed

The Grizzlies were supposed to retire his number this year. Wonder if that is still on.

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The idiot screwed up bad. He has tons of money and still takes foolish chances as if he's 18 years old and living in the ghetto. He is intelligent enough to know what he was doing could cause problems for himself and yet he still did it. He deserves whatever punishment comes his way and he owes the Kings a huge apology... and yeah I am white and not ashamed that I feel people need to pay for their mistakes.

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Kings sign a veteran presence

Kings sign a veteran presence to teach and influence their young core... verteran gets arrested. Not a good start so far. Lets hope George Hill has a great impact on Fox, Malachi and Mason.

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2 punds

2 pounds is enough to supply 32 heavy smokers for a couple of weeks. Maybe less if they smoked like crazy. Maybe he just likes to have a huge stash around for the off season so he can hook his friends and family up. Maybe he got a good deal on it? Buy one pound get the second one half off. Who knows. Bottom line is, I really don't give a squirt of piss whether he smokes or not. His personal life is what he makes it, and it is no business of mine. Kind of dumb that there are so many different laws about weed. Legal in these states, but illegal in those. OK to use recreationally here, but only medicinally there. ANd according to the federal government it is illegal everywhere. I think we all need to vote for people who will spend less time obsessing about who smokes weed, and more time caring about the education of our youth, and the poor, and ISIS, and all of the other shit that actually matters. Ok speech over, I am going to go eat some Doritos.

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