Zach LaVine

I'm only just starting to learn about him but I have to say I'm a fan. He was a late bloomer in high school so of course there are going to be a lot of comparisons to Westbrook. He is a much better shooter than Westbrook was at this age but defenitley doesn't have the strength or defensive intensity. Just a couple questions for the community...

1. Does anyone have any information/opinions on this talented freshman? I haven't really seen him mentioned much on this site...

2. This site has him going 4th in 2015... how do they decide which players will come out? Just opinion?

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I don't know enought about him to intelligently answer your questions, but Chad Ford tweeted that a few scouts have told him that LaVine is "Russell Westbrook with a jumper."

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I have posted about him

a few times. He really impressed me at the Pangos All-Star camp a few years ago. As I have said before, I really don't like the Westbrook comparison AT ALL. Yes, he goes to UCLA. Yes, he is athletic as all get out. That is where the comparison stops for me. I see LaVine as an attacking two guard best suited as mostly off-ball wing attacker. He is a long-bodied 6'5" and is great in open space as a finisher. He has a beautiful looking J that is starting to go in as much as it looks like it should. Where Westbrook is a ball dominant ,pressure, scoring 1 with the ability to distibute, I think LaVine will be best suited going foraward as a guy who gets out in transaition, works off the ball for open J's and picks his moments to attack the rim in the half-court. Can't think of a good comp, but I could see him being used like Klay Thompson, but with much more of a rim-attacking ability.

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I've taken notice of him

I've taken notice of him since the beginning of the season. Looks like a great prospect. I'll say he compares more to Kevin Martin, withbetter handles, than to Westbrook. He definitely could come out this year, but with such a deep and talented class, unless hes guaranteed a lotto pick, I could see him staying an extra year and being a much higher pick.

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I like this guy a lot. They

I like this guy a lot. They just moved him to #1 for 2015. Depending on how the year ends, could he possibly come out this year?

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Kind of crazy that I posted this, then an hour later LaVine was the headliner of their most recent article.

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He needs to get stronger &

He needs to get stronger & work on his defense,but he could be a lottery pick in 2014, even in this deep draft, he's that good....

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I don't see much Russell

I don't see much Russell Westbrook in him,he doesn't look like a pg at all to me. I see him more of a upgraded Terrence Ross with his dunking and 3 point shooting ability, but not much of a in between game. Almost like a mixture of Klay Thompson and Gerald Green which is pretty scary.

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Yeah hes a SG

Yeah hes a SG

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I'm envisioning a combo of

I'm envisioning a combo of LaVine and Parker on the Bucks.. Wow

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