Zach LaVine..

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Zach LaVine..

I'v never heard of this kid but, he's a top 60 player, a point guard/shooting guard going to UCLA. Kid has BUNNIES... He is explosive.. anyone know anything about him, or his prospects at UCLA?

Also don't know how to embed the video, but this is the highlight film of the Ball is Life 2013 high school dunk contest. Amazing, and look at LaVine at the end..

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"Kid has BUNNIES"

This one took me a second or two. Do kids use this term regularly now? I'm assuming it means he can jump because he has hops.

I have never heard that phrase before... ya, know what... I just feel old now.... and I'm not even 30!

Whatever, I'm going to get plastic for my couch, yell at the kids on my lawn and have a nice 4:30 PM dinner. Good day.

(Also, every Non Chicago HS player that I know, I hear about first here so nice job)

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Yes Levine has allot of Game.

Yes Levine has allot of Game. Hes a beast. He needs to get stronger tho. He could start at the 1 or 2 this year along with Kyle and Jordan Adams at the 2 and 3. Zach reminds me of Jr Smith because he can shoot the lights out and he has BOUNCE. I dont know if hes one and done, but it depends on how well he does next year at UCLA. Washington area always has lots of talent coming out, so I wanna see how well he does

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He's from Bothell, about 20

He's from Bothell, about 20 mins away from where I live...The problem is with LaVine is he's got the Monta Ellis syndrome, he doesn't like to pass the ball much, and thats an issue if he's trying to play PG at the next level...sweet jumps though, the guy can rise

a guy you should watch out for is Perrion Callendre, also from Bothell HIgh, he's going to be playing at Idaho next year and some thought he might have been the best player on that team! 6'4'' silky wing

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