Your "Top 25" 2013 Recruit Rankings

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Your "Top 25" 2013 Recruit Rankings

Who's your Top 25?

1-Andrew Wiggins
2-Jabari Parker
3-Julius Randle
4-Aaron Gordon
5-Noah Vonleh
6-Andrew Harrison
7-James Young
8-Kasey Hill
9-Wayne Selden
10-Aaron Harrison
11-Chris Walker
12-Tyler Ennis
13-Kuran Iverson
14-Jarrell Martin
15-Joel Embiid
16-Dakari Johnson
17-Bobby Portis
18-Jabari Bird
19-Rondae Hollis Jefferson
20-Isaiah Hicks
21-Nigel Williams Goss
22-Marcus Lee
23-Anthony Barber
24-Isaac Hamilton
25-Austin Nichols

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1. Andrew Wiggins 2. Julius

1. Andrew Wiggins
2. Julius Randle
3. Jabari Parker
4. Andrew Harrison
5. Kasey Hill
6. Noah Vonleh
7. Aaron Gordon
8. Isaac Hamilton
9. Isaiah Hicks
10. Kuran Iverson
11. Chris Walker
12. Joel Embid
13. Wayne Sheldon
14. Allerik Freeman
15. Aaron Harrison
16. Keith Frazier
17. James Young
18. Brennan Greene
19. Marcus Lee
20. Johnathon Williams
21. Kennedy Meeks
22. Terry Rozier
23. Anton Gill
24. Jabari Bird
25. Austin Nichols

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1. Andrew Wiggins Kansas 2.

1. Andrew Wiggins Kansas
2. Jabari Parker Duke
3. Julius Randle Kentucky
4. Aaron Gordon Arizona
5. James Young Kentucky
6. Dakari Johnson Kentucky
7. Andrew Harrison Kentucky
8. Wayne Selden Kansas
9. Aaron Harrison Kentucky
10. Kasey Hill Florida
11. Noah Vonleh Indiana
12. Chris Walker Florida
13. Joel Embiid Kansas
14. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Arizona
15. Jarrell Martin LSU
16. Bobby Portis Arkansas
17. Tyler Ennis Syracuse
18. Jabari Bird California
19. Austin Nichols Memphis
20. Isaiah Hicks North Carolina
21. Marcus Lee Kentucky
22. Kuran Iverson Memphis
23. Nigel Williams-Goss Washington
24. Keith Frazier SMU
25. Conner Frankamp Kansas

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How many have had the time to

How many have had the time to watch ALL of these prospects play in more than one game?

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Thats a good point

Thats a good point ph...really only seen enough of these guys to make a top 10...

1. Andrew Wiggins
2. Jabari Parker
3. Julius Randle
4. Andrew Harrison
5. Aaron Gordon
6. James Young
7. Wayne Selden
8. Dakari Johnson
9. Aaron Harrison
10. Kasey Hill

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I'm not an expert

Outside of hoopmixtapes I haven't seen much else of these guys...however just from watching the few videos I have of his I'd say James Young has BIG TIME potential. Other than Wiggins and Parker I think he's the top prospect this year

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