Your Own Player Comparison

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Your Own Player Comparison

Just for fun...if you can compare your own skill level to an NBA player (NBA comparison), who would you compare yourself too?

I would compare myself to Stephen Curry.

I can play both guard positions. Im an underrated passer who has a nice dribbling skill. I am known to be a 3-point shooter. Im developing my off the dribble jumpshot. On the defensive end, I can be a defensive liablity. Im not a TERRIBLE defender, but im not the greatest either. babyface assassin.

Who would you compare yourself too? Please be realistic.

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My comparison is odd but

Rajon Rondo

I'm short but my wingspan is longer than the above average PG I'm a gritty defender and a great rebounder for my position. The only thing is I shoot the 3 ball with great effienciency I was at 45% my last year in H.S. now will make my college debut in November anyway so I say I'm a Rondo meets Daniel Gibson kinda player

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For my league, even though

For my league, even though I'm a point guard, I'm 6' 3" and about 5-6 inches taller than other point guards so I guess I'd compare myself to a Brandon Roy

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Rajon Rondo-horrible shooter,

Rajon Rondo-horrible shooter, great dribbles, speed, athletisism and agillity, can absorb contact well and finish with contact, I like to go north and south with good speed and controll a change of direction straight to the basket with a crossover and finish at the rim with a layup, team player, gritty and tough, talk alot of trash and pass first when i have capable teammates.

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Worst Goran Dragic Left

Worst: Goran Dragic

Best:Russell Westbrook/Rajon Rondo

Left Handed, No Right Handed Dribble. GREAT One on One Defender Pesky Gets Alot of Steals And Deflections Gets Most Shots From Drives To The Baskets And Layups, Jumpshot Is Improving. Very Athletic, Skies In the Air For Rebounds. Good Passer Gets To The Lane Easily In a Few Dribbles. Very Fast First Step Blows By Opponents Easily, Very Fast With The Basketball. Hustler Runs For Every Loose Ball. Gambles Alot on Defense So Sometimes Gets Beat By His Man, Not A Very Good Team Defender. Very Predictable, You Always Know Im going Left, Its Just a Matter Of TRYING To Stop It. Inconsistent. No Real Range

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Im probably a Zach Randolph

Im probably a Zach Randolph type of player, I am big for my age, 6'4 at age 14. I am usually a post up, back to the basket kinda guy, but I can also (unlike zach randolph) hit an occasional 3 and I am a good free throw shooter. I would say I am like Amare, but I can actually rebound and defend lol. I averaged 25 points a game last year as a freshman, as I shot 80% from the line and I would get there often. I am also a good finisher. I guess you can call me an Amare and Zach Randoph mix. I also have good speed, and I wear a size 16 shoe.

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Jjeff , so you're 14 now?

Jjeff , so you're 14 now? Does that mean u were 8 when u joined this site in 2009? Stop lying man!!!!!!

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Post was written in 2010. He

Post was written in 2010. He joined in 2009. So he was 13 when he joined this site. But, I was looking at this site when I was 8. I just didn't sign up til 10.

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Bradley Beal because my shooting game is way better then my inside game which he is working on while im working on my outside game way more then usual.

Working on acrobatic lay ins like double clutching on my way to the rim and trying to drive more next season. Ball handling isnt as good as Curry and Wall but working on my lockdown defense thats why Im comparing myself to Bradley Beal

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Maybe a mixture of Oladipo and Iggy playstyle wise. Quick, Athletic, Above average ball handler, A bit taller, ok shooter, good perimeter defender.

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I'm a white guy, mid 40's

I'm a white guy, mid 40's English 6ft tall over 220lbs so physically I cannot think of a legit NBA player I could compare oneself to,

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Hitter how about Jackie

Hitter how about Jackie moon???!!!

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A mix of Luke Walton but 5 inches shorter, and Eric Snow but with 8 fingers.

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6'3 Forward, Average

6'3 Forward, Average Athleticsm, 6'8 Wingspan, Good shot, and a good crossover. I can post up with a baby hook, and I got a quick and long first step. Decent Passer also, Comparison - Older Grant Hill.

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I am 6'0" and a muscular 195

I am 6'0" and a muscular 195 lbs, 25 year old. Can still dunk on a good day, so generally speaking I am one of the most athletic guys on the court. I rely a lot on my explosiveness and strength when I slash, and my streaky outside 3 point shot. One thing is certain, I will find you open. That being said, I will compare myself to Damian Lillard.

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Definitely Greg Oden

I'm hung like a horse but it's a waste b/c - & I hate to admit this - I'm ugly as Uck!

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AK47. All Around skills,


All Around skills, white as a ghost and lanky.

Lockdown defender and good shot blocking.

Capable of running offense.

Limited scoring arsenal. Nice dimes.

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