your favorite Finals series

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your favorite Finals series

I'm curious to hear what are some of your guy's favorite NBA Finals series ever. I'm not just talking about because your team won, but which ones really grasped your attention and got you excited.

I've been watching the NBA since '92, so I can only account for the Finals series from '93 on. And here are some of my favorites in chronological order:

'93- Barkley vs Jordan. Was a super close series that ended with the famous Paxson 3 pointer.
'98-Jordan's last hurrah vs the Jazz. Another close series that included some of Jordan's last heroics.
'08-While the series might not have lived up to the hype, the combination of Celtics vs Lakers and a rare Finals series where there was no clear favorite going in, put's this on my list.

Anyways, I'm curious what you guys think? Also, I know this is the wrong forum, but it's crickets over on the NBA forum, so all you hall monitors save your whining.

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