Your fantasy steal

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Your fantasy steal

I was just making my roster for the next 2 weeks, and as I was looking over it I was wondering who yours guys' best steal/sleeper pick/ was?

I had the last pick in my draft, #130 or something, and I saw D.J. Augustin was ranked around #170, but nevertheless scooped him up. That might've seemed dumb to the other 10 guys, picking a guy 40 spots below what I could've gotten, but thus far he's been terrific and has been a godsend since Aaron Brooks got injured.

He's only shooting 40% from the field, but that's not what I picked him for. He's averaging 7.5 assists (good for 12th in the league), 12.5 points, 3.4 rebounds (not bad for a tiny PG), and he's making 1.7 threes a game while shooting 88.6% from the line. I was surprised he was ranked so low; he showed his rookie year that he can play when he gets minutes, and he was the undisputed starter entering the season for a team that doesn't have great depth at the position.

Who was your best pick?

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Has been a steal got him in the mid to late rounds,but he scoring like a machine.

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i couldnt be at my draft so

i couldnt be at my draft so my roster is horrible. my best player was brandon roy. thats not working out anymore. but i have tried to pick up some players. i have picked up toney douglas, eric bledsoe, and glen davis. douglas production has dropped so he may be on the way out but he helped carry me to a win in my first matchup. i was weak in assists(best passers were b roy and hinrich) so i picked up bledsoe who has done well. glen davis is very underrated as he gets like 13 and 6 with good percentages. so far im 2 and 0 and winning my third matchup but looking at the scores from other teams in my league, i will not be undefeated long. i needed more point guard help and someone dropped baron davis. i had to take a chance on him even tho he will be out a bit. it weakens my bench for now but im hoping he can turn into a 14ppg and 7apg player for me. im also waiting for okur to come back. hopefully he can help my team some too.

but back to the point, douglas, bledsoe, and glen davis have been steals for me.

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My steals

Hibbert in the 8th round and Beasley in the 11th round.

Considering i'm in a 10 team league, i think those are pretty good picks.

It's a shame that i drafted Collison in the 4th round ;_;

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Hibbert and I got Taj Gibson

Hibbert and I got Taj Gibson with the last pick

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Definitely Beasley even

Definitely Beasley even though I knew he was going to be the man in Minny. It's hard for a high drafted player to play behind one of the best players in the league and not get his own shots. So when he got traded I knew the numbers were definitely going up.

I don't think Hibbert was a "steal" considering there is McRoberts, Hansbrough and Foster in their front court. So I definitely expected his numbers to jump.

Personally, I think mine was John Wall in the 6th round. No clue why no one got him!

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roy hibbert was probably my

roy hibbert was probably my biggest steal. I got him in the 4th round of a 20 team draft and his blocks alone make it worth it. I also picked up reggie evans off the waiver wire the first couple deays of the season and he has been rebounding like rodman.

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Milsap Beasley and had Toney



and had Toney Douglas for his hot week

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Jameer Nelson, Ibaka, and

Jameer Nelson, Ibaka, and Batum

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DeMar Derozan at 137, Sonny

DeMar Derozan at 137, Sonny Weems at 184 and Jordan Farmar at 216 have all been doing good and they were the later picks, in fact Jordan Farmar was my second last pick, in the 16 player league i'm in.

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picked up dj aug big baby and toney d off waivers

picking up those three off waivers as worked out well also daniel gibson has been a good waiver pickup

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I feel like nobody is going

I feel like nobody is going to believe my Bum Numbers post-draft roster. I'm so proud, mostly because of the team name, but the roster is doing okay as well. In order for a 10-team league, I picked 9th: Stephen Curry, Dwyane Wade, Tyreke Evans, Gerald Wallace, Andrea Bargnani, Andray Blatche, DeMarcus Cousins, Michael Beasley, J.J. Hickson, Jason Richardson, Greg Oden, Linas Kleiza, Drew Gooden, Dorell Wright, Serge Ibaka. I did get suckered into Oden. He was sitting there in the 11th round and it looked like a good risk.

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