Your fantasy all star highschool team

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Your fantasy all star highschool team


PG: Micheal Cater Williams: His abliy to play pg at 6'6 i like and he is the sleeper of the class. If you have not seen him play go like at him. There is no denying MCW's ability to score in a variety of ways. The extremely thin combo-guard is in attack mode every second he is on the court and showed throughout the spring/summer evaluation period that he is a threat to go for 30 each night. What is most exciting about his game is his development as a point guard. He showed an improved ability of running a team while also carrying the scoring load. Because of his consistent stoke from behind the arc he forces the defense to play close and gets to the rim at will. In end of game situations he is deadly from the free throw line and knows how to put away a game.

SG: Austin Rivers: Confidence is Rivers calling card as he both wants and demands the ball in pressure situations. He is a cold-blooded assassin that has the full package of offensive weapons at his disposal and plays without fear of failure. He has range out to 28-feet, uses the jab-step as well as seasoned pros, an excellent mid-range game, can finish through contact when attacking the basket and has the best NBA-level floater over the bigs of any player in the high school or college ranks. Austin is moving better without the ball. He also does a great job being patient and handling double teams and being denied. Seems to trust his teammates more than before and has done a better job picking his scoring spots which helps his shooting percentage, but still understands when it is time to take over.

SF: Micheal Gilchrist: Gilchrist possesses the dangerous combination of world-class athletic ability and a thoroughbred's competitive drive. He brings a certain type of toughness to the floor and is able to impose his will on both his teammates and opponents. He is a consistent producer that leads his team in points, rebounds and blocked shots, but what stands out about Gilchrist is his ability to rebound the ball and defend. Most superstar players are content to put up big scoring numbers and leave the heavy lifting to the supporting cast. Gilchrist takes defending and rebounding personally and wants to be the dominant player on the floor in all areas.

PF: Quincy Miller: Because of his outstanding overall skill level Miller is one of the most versatile players in the 2011 class. As a 6'10 wing player his potential and upside are phenomenal as he combines size, athleticism and a good basketball I.Q. into a difficult match-up at any level. He has the ability to score inside-out showing that he is adept at playing with his back to the basket or facing up. He can knock it down behind the arc and is a good play maker off the dribble. He is also a very good rebounder and shot blocker when he puts his mind to it.

C: Anthony Davis: Davis is one of the most versatile players in the 2011 class and has huge upside. He is a highly productive and coachable kid that fills up a box score while impacting the game in so many areas. Defensively he is a game changer as an elite shot blocker with an unreal wingspan and terrific timing, he rebounds balls in and out of his area and is always a threat to go highlight real on an offensive put back. He can defend multiple positions; as a former guard he understands how to guard the perimeter against quicker smaller opponents. He is highly ball handler and is an unselfish player that looks to create for teammates. Davis has improved his scoring moves off the dribble. He can beat defenders attacking right or left. He plays with great toughness and can be impossible to match up with on the high school level.


1 Myck Kabongo: Kabongo is arguably the best pure point guard in the 2011 class. He is an intelligent player with great leadership skills and a coach's feel for running a team. He has great pace to his game and rarely puts himself in position to force a bad play. His elite level athleticism and quickness combined with high percentage decision making are what sets him apart from his peers. He is a consistent 3-point shooter that forces defenders to play close giving him the advantage to penetrate into the paint. Defensively, he is equally as dominant. He understands angles and is relentless pressuring the ball. Great first step to gain an advantage on his defender. He is also a great drive, draw and kick passer when he attacks the lane at high speeds.

2 Bradley Beal: Beal is a pure shooter that draws favorable comparisons to Ray Allen. He is difficult to guard as he intelligently moves well without the ball, knows how to utilize screens to get open and has the ability to create space to get his shot off. He doesn't force things and lets the game come to him, but has shown the ability to take over a game when needed. He has tremendous range out to the NBA 3-point line that stretches a defense and opens up driving lanes for his teammates. He is a good secondary ball handler that sees the floor well and finds open teammates especially when doubled.

3 Cody Zeller: Zeller has great size and length. He is very mobile and runs the floor extremely well. He has good hands and scores in the post with jump hooks over his left shoulder, with drop steps and from drop off passes created by penetration. He is a terrific area rebounder on both ends of the floor and possesses a good basketball IQ as well.

4 Lebryan Nash: Nash may be the most physically gifted player in the 2011 class. What sets him apart from his peers is his combination of power and athleticism which makes him a difficult match-up for opponents. As one of the best finishers in transition he is fearless attacking the rim and has the ability to explode through contact and make the play. He has developed his perimeter skills and is now more consistent out to the 3-point arc and is a sound decision maker utilizing ball screens. He is still a load on the block and knows how to go to work. He also has tremendous hands and a nose for the ball when rebounding.

5 Nick Johnson: Johnson is a deceptively bouncy athlete with a strong frame for the combo-guard position. He's a relentless competitor at both ends and is always in attack mode. It's not uncommon for him to grab a defensive rebound and lead the fast break. His decision making is quite good and he's a very good passer. He can also fill the lane in transition and elevate for the spectacular finish - he's an above the rim highlight waiting to happen on the break. In the half court set he is a solid shooter - especially in a catch and shoot situation - with 3-point range and he gets great lift on his shot. Defensively, he is a strong defender with quick hands and he slides his feet very well. In addition, for his size, he may be the most explosive shot blocker in the country.

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