Your Expansion Team

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Your Expansion Team

Just a hypothetical thing I was thinking about today, you are given the licencing and everything to make your own NBA franchise, where would you go, what would your team be called? You are also given the ability to choose one player from this years draft class and free agency(excluding Chris Paul and Dwight Howard) to build your team around.

My picks: The city I would go for is Richmond, Virginia. Virginia is the most populated state in the states without any major sports team, and with all the Coach Carter references you could drop, I would definitely try and go for the Oilers nickname, though I'm not sure if that would be copyrighted. If not, The Richmond Oilers would be my team. As to the players I would choose to start of with, I would go Lorenzo Brown, because I am incredibly, ludicrously high on him still, to the point where I give myself negs for the amount I love him and his game, and Josh Smith as a running partner.

I tried to pick a bit out of the box, I deliberatly took Paul and Dwight out because I felt everyone would pick one of the two. Try to be creative, I'd to see some wacky places, nick names, and franchise starting players.

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Excellent question. Here are

Excellent question. Here are my two possibilities:

1. Baltimore Southpaws, coached by Lefty Driesell. We would draft Shabazz Muhammad and sign Manu Ginobili. We may also sign Lamar Odom. Lefty had Buck Williams, Len Elmore, and Len Bias at MD. He would've had Moses Malone if he didn't sign with a pro team first.

2. Kansas City Truth, coached by Brad Stevens. We would draft CJ McCollum and sign David West. Stevens specializes in underdogs. CJ McCollum is this draft class's version of Butler. Skill and heart over athleticism and talent.

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I would go with my hometown,

I would go with my hometown, Louisville, Kentucky.

Louisville Colts. Kentucky is know for horse racing, and the Kentucky Derby is in Louisville. I would pick Nate McMillan to be the coach, not Pitino or Calipari, there would be too much backlash from fans for taking their coach, I'm a UK fan too so no way I'm taking Calipari away. I would draft Otto Porter, I have him as the top player in this draft, and sign Tyreke Evans if he's available, if not then Al Jefferson.

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