your "don't be surprised if" all rookie team 2012

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your "don't be surprised if" all rookie team 2012

Go out on a limb

F -- D. Williams

F -- J. Hamilton

G -- K. Walker

G -- M. Brooks

F -- K. Faried

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Jimmer and Rubio, Faried and

Jimmer and Rubio, Faried and Williams, Kanter. It's so playing time dependant, this is far easier right after the draft.

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Dont be suprised if its

Dont be suprised if its

G-Jimmer Fredette

G-Klay Thompson

F-Jan Vesely

F-Derrick Williams

C-Jeremy Tyler

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G - Darius Morris G - Marshon

G - Darius Morris
G - Marshon Brooks
F - Tyler Honeycutt
F - Markeef Morris
C - Jeremy Tyler

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Rookie Team

G- Brandon Knight

G- Marshon Brooks

F- Marcus Morris

F- Kenneth Faried

C- Keith Benson (going out on a limb here)

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G-Kemba G-Klay

G-Klay Thompson
C-Harrelson (Im not just on a limb, I am hanging onto a leaf) he is the man though, hope someone drafts him

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LOL, he could be the next

LOL, he could be the next Mark Madsen

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G Shelvin Mack (Chauncey
  • G Shelvin Mack (Chauncey Billups)
  • G Marshon Brooks (Jamal Crawford/a shtickle of Kobe)
  • F Chandler Parsons (Mike Miller)
  • F Justin Harper (Rashard Lewis)
  • C Nikola Vucevic (Marc Gasol)
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I like a lot of you're guys'

I like a lot of you're guys' boldness, but a lot of you guys are picking guys in the 20-30 range which means depending on the team they are chosen by they could be stuck behind a 30-35 mpg player on a playoff team.

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Mine would look a bit like

Mine would look a bit like this, it's less bold, more what I think will happen realistically;

G - Rubio
G - Burks
F - Williams
F - Motiejunas
C - Kanter

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2012 all rookie team

G-Klay Thompson (Could start)

G-Ricky Rubio (Will get a ton of minutes)

F-Derrick Williams (ROTY)

F-Marcus Morris

C-Enis Kantner (Too good to not get minutes)

2nd Team






Book It

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My rookie teams

1st team All-Rookie

Derrick Williams (ROY)
Jimmer Fredette (most likely to be sixth man of the year and 3 point contest winner)
Kemba Walker (most likely to earn the Rookie game MVP)
Enes Kanter (best rebounder, low post scorer, double-double guy)
Jan Vesely (most likely to win the dunk contest)

2nd team All-Rookie

Kyrie Irving (might not get too many minutes. will show glimpses of being an above-average pg)
Ricky Rubio (should help the T Wolves esp. if they also get D. Williams. great highlights. bad %)
Brandon Knight (solid. good size. clutch. good 3 point shooter. why is Irving better than this guy?)
Alec Burks (will put up solid stats. could have some really good games.)
Kenneth Faried (where does he go? should be a solid rebounder, will score on garbage buckets)

Best of the rest: Kawhi Leonard (solid, but basically a Faried-type without the rebounding. needs to get a great fit with a team), Motie (he can shoot and score. and he's tall. supposedly those are 3 important things in basketball), Kyle Singler (can do some of everything. solid player, should be a great rotation guy), Shelvin Mack (can shoot 3's, can score, will he get the minutes?), Nolan Smith (steady, one of the most effective pg's on Duke last year, will come off the bench and play well), Klay Thompson (if he finds his stroke could move up into the 2nd team), Marshon Brooks (the wild card. could be very good with all-rookie potential but could also end up in the D League, or some of both), Jordan Hamilton (has size, scoring ability, would be a great fit on a few teams), the Morris twins (smart, tough, fairly versatile, decent athletes, good rotation guys, if you aren't expecting much they will be pleasant surprises).

The rest: Tristan Thompson (should show signs, but he might be picked too high, potentially the next Darrell Arthur, but that's not top 10 potential. Might be a poor man's Derrick Favors but Favors only put up about 8 and 6 last year, will have some good dunks and blocks shots, will have some bad fouls and turnovers), Jonas and Bismack will show signs but the NBA is tough on 2nd tier rookie centers, will show promise, but they should probably spend some time in the D League, Chandler Parsons (can he put all his pieces together? can he get more aggressive? can he find the right situation? if so, a poor man's Jan Vesely with more polish), Jeremy Tyler (a big guy with upside and 6 fouls to give every night. will get some minutes. could end the year better than any center on the Heat or Thunder, but that's not saying much. most upside of any guy outside the Top 20), Andrew Goudelock (if he can shoot and score could be this year's Gary Neal), Ben Hansbrough (tough, can shoot, handle the ball. Possibly a poor man's Jimmer. Possibly a rich man's John Paxon), Jamie Skeen (a smallish big man who can hit 3's. VCU's meal ticket. can rebound. not a great athlete, but a late second round steal), Matt Howard (smart player, got some key buckets in the tournament, decent rebounder, can hit 3's, should be an effective role player, somewhere between Brian Cardinal and Shane Battier).

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