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Your Comparison

Alright so as a player or former player try and compare your game to an NBA player and say what aspects of your game really relate to that specific NBA player's game and if you do or not actually strive to play like them or not.

My NBA comparison is Ray Allen, pretty much right now at my career I am a pure shooter, catch and shoot, off the dribble, hitting threes off screens, or pull up jump shots and that is pretty much Ray Allen's game too, I am pretty quick too like Allen and a solid defender like him as well.

It is really funny though because I never actually strived to play like him but the more and more I have become passionate about basketball the more I realize my game is a lot like his, my AAU teammates always used to call me Ray Ray when I played and that is when I realized it. Right now though I am trying to become more of an all around offensive threat like Kobe and work on all aspects of my game because being a shooter is great and all but I don't wanna be one dimensional and Kobe is the best pure scorer in the NBA at the moment.

Alright so now its everyone else's turn!

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My NBA comparison would be a

My NBA comparison would be a "black" Luke Ridnour. I'm quick/fast, a good shooter, a great passer especially in transition, and I'm a leader. I'm just very weak and I'm not a good finisher around the rim, can't slash good against strong players, and I struggle on D against guys with good handles.

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But more trigger happy

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i would say jeff green for

i would say jeff green for myself.... green is a hybrid foward capable of scoring inside and out, but mainly i like to play on the perimeter, but i can mix it up inside as well.

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An athletic Charles Barkley,

An athletic Charles Barkley, i played powerforward because my school was short kids even though i was 6'5, i could rebound really good. Score in bunches. Same attitude and tinasity

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I like to be modest. If I had

I like to be modest. If I had to compare my game it would be Sherron Collins' body with Carmelo Anthony skill without the dunks.

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Shan Foster.

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Being an athlete and hard

Being an athlete and hard working defender is my strong point but i can hit the spot of three and catch and go to teh hoop well but not a great ball handler prb a mix somewhere between hinrich and nate robinson. Also my intramural team went and played at nationals two and three years ago. (not because of me) In Ohio and Detroit.

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I'm probably like a Kirilenko

I'm probably like a Kirilenko right now. Run the floor, hustle, hard defense. But I can really pass, my first position was point guard. When I was younger, before I had a big growth spurt in high school I was really flashy and had a lot of range, just like Jason Williams.

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Priest Lauderdale

Priest Lauderdale

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my game was a mirror image of

my game was a mirror image of Grieves Vasquez. Im 6-4, but i also wanted to run the point. Not a great athlete so i had trouble blowing by guys, but my handle was legit so i could keep defenders off me. I was a knockdown 3 shooter, but only took them when i had space, never really forced shots cause i enjoyed being a point.

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Eddie House

The way Eddie House plays... I just see myself like him... Don't have the dribbling skills to be a PG just like House but I do have the stroke to be a streaky shooter... miss ten straight and make ten straight...

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Maunte Bol

I would say a 6'3 version of Maunte Bol. I play alot of PF/C and cant really shoot all that well but am I really lengthy. And can block some shots man and rebound like a mad man. So imagine Bol a foot and a half shorter and white. and well not really as good either, lol

RIP Bol the world needs more people like you

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i think i play like a skinny

i think i play like a skinny reggie bullock from unc i am pretty good shooter and rely on my smarts more than athleticism

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Poor mans John Wall,

Poor mans John Wall, athletic, play at one speed, turnover prone.

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Rich mans Jordan with a hint

Rich mans Jordan with a hint of LeBron.

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being 6'8...........

Being 6'8 and 230 pounds, playing on the wing i really have no clue on who to compar myself to. Being able to score both inside and out, having the strength to play the 4 and 5 but having the skill set to play the 2 and 3 i would just say that my game is very unique. i've been told that i kind of play like a paul piece

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I'm 6'6 and I'm on the slim

I'm 6'6 and I'm on the slim side of 185lbs and I play SF and SG, plus I do have bad knees because I had a lot of corrective surgeries. So I would say I'm a less athletic Luol Deng.

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