Your cities ARCH ENEMIES

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Your cities ARCH ENEMIES

Every city has seen its share of heroes, superstars, players who changed the complexity of the cities they played in. And every now and again, cities have their "villians," players who will forever get the dirty look, or have a &$#%#[email protected]! you thrown in after a simple mention of my name. So what I want to try is, by your cities, name a few of those "villians of the hardwood"

Ill kick it off with a list of my city, Chicagos, villians
1) John Starks
2) Reggie Miller
3) Gilbert Arenas
4) Rajon Rondo
5) Karl Malone AND John Stockton

Just to name a few. Now, name a few of yours.

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I live in Dunedin my city

I live in Dunedin my city hates anything Christchurch orientated.

In terms of Basketball i was a Seattle fan so i don't like

1. Clay Bennett
2. OKC Thunder

now i like GSW so i guess

1. Lakers

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Offline forgot the forgot the whole Bad Boy Pistons team. Except of course Rodman, who we all grew to love.

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I loved Joey D, Isaiah, meh,

I loved Joey D, Isaiah, meh, but they can walk through through Chicago with no problem. But Bill Laimbeer on the other hand, NOT A CHANCE!

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most toronto fans hate vince carter..

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In no particular order

Jordan not sure ppl hate him but he killed the Knicks not just in the year the Bulls won it all
Reggie Miller
Wilt Chamberlain
Jerry West
Tim Hardaway

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I used to live in

I used to live in Atlanta

Back in the day - Larry Bird owned the Hawks but I don't think we hated Larry Legend. These days it is D Howard who beats up on the Hawks but as an Atlanta boy no one hates him. I used to despise Chris Washburn -

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1. Billy King
2. Ed Stefanski
3. Ed Snyder
4. Elton Brand
5. Billy King again!

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laker fan here, and are arch

laker fan here, and are arch enemies are:

1-Boston celtics (all of them)
2-Lebron james (he's taking the best mantle from kobe)
3-Shaquille Oneal (depends on who you ask, but lots of laker fans including myself cant stand him)

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apb540... Kobe's on Philly's


Kobe's on Philly's hate list too

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Good call m dymes.

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My home town is Toronto and

My home town is Toronto and heres the current list

KEVIN GARNETT- When Toronto had that almost 50 games season Calderon and Garnett always got into it, and the refs never Td up Garnett now he always gets Td up.

PAUL PIERCE- Did you see him dunk on Chris Bosh. He kicked him in the balls to create space.

DWIGHT HOWARD- Likes to eliminate the Raps and is Chris Bosh's biggest rival.

VINCE CARTER- I like him but the city hates him.

ALONZO MOURNING- Wouldnt play in Toronto

ALLEN IVERSON- Beat the strongest Raptors team ever advancing through the Eastern Finals

ISAIAH THOMAS- Everyone hates him

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sac fan

which means hate anything lakers since they destroyed our best chance lately at a title

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Well as a Pistons fan, and a

Well as a Pistons fan, and a Detroit fan in general, I hate anything and everything from Chicago and the state of Ohio. But if I had to make a list of just basketball personel, it would look like this:

1.Michael Jordan
2.LeBron James
3.Larry Bird
4.Robert Parish
5.Kevin McHale
6.Ron Artest
7.Allen Iverson
8.Darko *shudders*
9.Showtime Lakers

I used to hate Grant Hill for bolting back in 2000, but after all his troubles with injuries, I grew to respect him a great deal. Also, I don't hate Jordan now or even after his first retirement. I hate him from the days of Pistons-Bulls every year in the playoffs from like 87-92.

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1. Focal Glomerulosclerosis - The kidney disease that rob Alonzo Mouring of his prime.
2. Allen Houston and The Knicks - Hit the clutch shot to eliminate Zo and Company in the first round when the Heat were a #1 seed back when the Heat and Knicks were big rivals.
3. The Bulls - Played Miami in the first round of the playoffs in 2006 and 2007. During those two years the game seemed personal and it felt as though the Bulls only goal was to beat the Heat. Proof of that was how they over payed Ben Wallace to be their Shaq stopper. Also, the Bulls had a 1.7% chance of getting the #1 pick in 2008. They beat the odds and selected Derrick Rose who the Heat, the team with the worst record that year, would have taken.
4. Dirk Nowitzki and The Mavericks - After losing to the Heat in the finals claimed Miami didn't deserve to win.

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I like Phoenix so: 1.

I like Phoenix so:

1. Bowen/Horry
2. Duncan/Parker/Ginobili
3. Mason Jr.
4. Kobe
5. The rest of the Spurs

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Lets turn this into a trivia game

I don't like the Spurs except Ginobili.
I don't like the Heat, mainly Wade.
I don't like the Warriors, especially Don Nelson.

Guess who my Favorite team is. I'll give you a thumbs up for the correct answer.

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kacey you a mavs fan?

I'm a Magic fan and like the Heat too.


1. Shaquille O'Neal
2. Patrick Ewing
3. Charles Oakley
4. Lebron James
5. The Pistons (when they were still contenders);Billups, Wallace, Rip, Prince you name it.

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double post.

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Well first off we (minnesota) have to have success first to have a enemy. For example we are big rivals with Green Bay Packers in NFL, Chicago White Sox in MLB and the Wisconsin Badgers in Big Ten play because it's always competitive games. The T wolves haven't had the success to gain a rivalry with another team yet. Also add on the fact that we are in a division that we aren't even natural rivals in. We are a Midwestern area in a division with Utah, Sacramento, Denver, Portland and Oklahoma City.

ALL SAID AND DONE IT IS A CONSENSUS PICK THAT ALL TIMBERWOLVES FANS MUST HATE STEPH MARBURY. The young team we had going back in the late 90's was set to look like this years OKC Thunder and his arrogant a$$ wanted more money than KG and left. Disliked him ever since.

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I'm from Jersey, but 99% of

I'm from Jersey, but 99% of my family is from NYC, so here are my enemies:

1. Reggie Miller

2. Alonzo Mourning

3. Tim Hardaway

4. P.J. Brown

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