Your bracket.

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Your bracket.

How is your bracket doing? Because mine is a awful place haha. I had Duke and OSU and the Gators and KU. And i had Duke winning it all! Nothing makes you feel like you know nothing about basketball like the NCAA tourny lol. So who is in your final four? Who did you have winning it all? Or are you one of those jerks who still have there 4 teams alive? Just let me know haha

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I did one online, but that

I did one online, but that was a Homer one so I had UT all the way...
But my legit one got busted pretty bad after the first two rounds.
I'm trying to find it..

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"nothing makes you feel like you know nothing about basketball l

"nothing makes you feel like you know nothing about basketball like the NCAA tourny" lol that was classic * in my Allen from The Hangover voice* My final four was Pitt, Duke, Ohio St. and Kansas. Ive still got a slight chance at correctly picking the winner because i went w/ Kansas as the champs. Other than that though, my bracket is shot

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3 (The Conn, Kentucky,

3 (The Conn, Kentucky, Kansas) of my 4 Final Four teams still alive.

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my bracket

Is close to winning me about $700. I had a final four of Kentucky, Kansas, Duke and UCLA. But I also had some nice wins with morehead over louisville, butler over pitt, and florida state over notre dame.

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So Far,my only wrong pick was picking Memphis over Arizona


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I had UNC, Florida, Kansas

I had UNC, Florida, Kansas and Uconn in the final four so all of those are still alive but unfortunately the rest of my elite 8 was wrong.

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Only two of my final four

Only two of my final four teams are left. After the first two rounds, my bracket was practically destroyed like always. March madness can turn even the most rational fan into an irrational fan making them shocked and amazed at how wild it gets. You never know what to expect. I love the roller coaster ride that is March Madness.

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MY Bracket

My Bracket is doing just fine at the bottom of the trash can that I tossed it into a week ago!

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I had..

UNC, Duke, Kansas and BYU with UNC and Kansas in the championship game

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If Butler wins I clinch my

If Butler wins I clinch my pool.

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In our bracket

In our bracket challenge on yahoo...I'm 22nd/24th (the other 2 not having submit picks)

I have only Kentucky and Arizona alive with Arizona in the final (losing to Pitts)

Yes, I'm "grandma"

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My bracket is DONE for.

My bracket is DONE for.

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My final four

My final four is...





Not bad considering the upsets. I have UNC taking it over Kansas in the championship game.

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