Your Boldest Prediction

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Your Boldest Prediction

With over 30 games of the NBA season gone, it's time for some bold predictions and I mean BOLD. My bold prediction is that the Clippers and the Knicks will meet in the NBA finals. What's yours? P.S. no neg parties in this post. I just wanna see what everyone's bold prediction is.

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Bulls will play in the ECF.

Bulls will play in the ECF.

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Kobe will end up averaging 34

Kobe will end up averaging 34 ppg this seaosn and single handedly carry the Lakers to a decent record.

Shaq will call out Dwight 169 times before the season is over.

The Lakers will panic fire Mike D'Antoni in 3 weeks.

The Thunder will deal for Anderon Varejao.

Jose Calderon will continue to play like an All-Star prompting the Raptors to trade Kyle Lowry only for Calderon to start playing like a role player again.

Russell Westbrook will dominate the dunk contest, prompting him to beat his chest so hard that he cracks his ribs.

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Kobe will 'single handendly'

Kobe will 'single handendly' carry the lakers to a decent record?????
Single handenly with the best Center in the game? i think not.
Perhaps he needs to try to make it work as a team as opposed to taking on the challenge himself.
I am a strong believer that Kobe is forcing his PPG and would much rather be on a decent team were he is the man and has to take a ton of bad shots and can do it efficiently because Dwight draws A TON of defenses even 'off the ball.' as opposed to be on a winning team lead by Dwight where Kobe plays a merely complementary role.

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Blake Griffin averages a

Blake Griffin averages a shade under 8 rebounds per game for the season.

Andrew Bynum returns and plays in the last month of the regular season as the Sixers are out of contention.

Roy Hibbert gets out of his funk after the all star break and averages 13pts-9rbs-3blks for the season.

Golden State will hit a bump and have a 7-10 game losing streak down the line.

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James Harden wins MVP Brandon

James Harden wins MVP
Brandon Jennings makes first all star game.
Lakers vs Knicks in the finals
Jrue Holiday or Omar Asik wins Most Improved
Terrence Ross wins Dunk Contest

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Royce White will play an NBA

Royce White will play an NBA game this season.

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Clippers vs. Knicks Finals

I see it & I believe it; and LeBron will be in a Brooklyn Nets Uniform after his run with the Heat!

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knicks will beat the heat in the playoffs

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bold? oh well


Lebron vs. Kobe in the Finals... and Lebron get's it done in the clutch and Kobe dosnt, Heat go on to win...

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andrew bynum gets a haircut....

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The Celtics will not make to

The Celtics will not make to the playoffs this year

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David Lee will be on the All

David Lee will be on the All NBA Second Team, and an allstar

Rudy Gay gets traded somehow

WCF will be Clippers and Thunder. Clips in 6

Jeremy Lin will not be voted an allstar by the fans

David Stern will veto atleast one trade at the deadline

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Phoenix makes the playoffs

Phoenix makes the playoffs

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Matt Barnes does a catfood

Matt Barnes does a catfood commercial.

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some of these predictions are

some of these predictions are to bold and will not come true at all......

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OKC beats the heat in the Finals on a Russell Westbrook 3ptr over Lebron James...

Westbrook gets Finals' MVP averaging 31pts 11assists & 8rbs

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The Lakers will miss the

The Lakers will miss the Playoffs just like the Celtics.

Dwight will sign with the Rockets in the Offseason

Russel Westbrook will find his shot after the All Star break once he realises he shoots to many 3s and will average 26 9 and 5 after the All Star Break.

CP3 will tear something in his knee 1 week before the Playoffs and Eric Bledsoe will lead the Clippers right into the Conference Finals where they lose to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Tim Duncan will be named defensive player of the Year.

Derrick Rose will be back in March.

The Jazz will be involved in the Rudy Gay Trade trading Big Al.

James Harden will be All NBA 3rd team.

Tyson Chandler will be an All Star.

Anthony Davis will miss a ton of more games with different Injurien.

The Heat will be behind the Knicks come Playoff time.

Jeremy Lin will be voted starting Point Guard in the All Star game topping CP3 with a few thousand votes.

Kobe will INCREASE his shooting after the All Star break when realises the Lakers may miss the Playoffs.

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Warriors will bet someone in

Warriors will bet someone in the first round
Chris Paul will win the MVP despite LeBron clearly being the better player and most valuable
The Knicks will make it to the finals vs the Thunder having a Durant vs Melo match up but Durant wins his first ring
Clippers get upset in the first round
Josh Smith sighn with the Rockets

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Brandon Jennings will finish

Brandon Jennings will finish the season with a FG% above 42%......

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Call me a homer, but...

-Granger returns for the Pacers and they get the 3 seed and make the Eastern Conference Finals after beating the Knicks.
-Bobcats improve dramatically and fall just one or two spots short of the playoffs
-Toronto wins a game in their division...finally
-11 Western COnference teams post records that would put them in the Playoffs if they were in the East
-Washington gets the worst record AND wins the draft lottery. And it's about time.

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Bynum decides to pursue a

Bynum decides to pursue a career in bowling, becomes a world class bowler, signs a huge contract with some bowling team, only for him to be ruled out indefinitely because he hurt his knee playing a pick up game.

Kendrick Perkins finally smiles at some point in the playoffs.

IF Tim Duncan announces that he will retire after this season, and they are in the finals and game 5 is his last home game, he will be just as fired up and dance just like Ray Lewis did today.

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John Wall will play before

John Wall will play before the All Star break

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Sorry, but that's not bold at

Sorry, but that's not bold at all, he's already back practicing without any limits and is getting into game shape. All he needs to do is get into game shape and he's good to go, they say he'll play within two weeks, which is a month before the All-Star break. Even if he suffers a setback than he'd still have 3-4 weeks before the All-Star break to get back.

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The Timberwolves will play 2

The Timberwolves will play 2 games in a row without a player getting injured

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Suns will pass on trading

Suns will pass on trading Gortat and Dudley, even when their values are at the highest, because the front office still feels that they are good enough to get their beloved 8th seed. Gortat leaves the Suns when his contract expires, and Sarver loves Babby and Blanks' committment to going for the 8th seed he gives them a 4-year extension.

Suns "Kendall Marshall" their 10th pick by taking Michael Carter Williams, who will battle Kendall Marshall for the back-up spot.

Suns get another late lottery pick from the 2013-14 season, and another late-lottery pick from the 2014-15 season, and the cycle goes on.

Oh wait you asked for a bold prediction?

Whoops my bad...

Lakers will be a top-5 seed

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Bynum will be healthy come

Bynum will be healthy come playoff time.and the Sixers will knock off the 1st seed in the playoffs for thee 2nd straight year.

Andre Drummond will be inserted into the starting lineup, avg a double double, the Pistons will make the playoffs and Drummond will win ROY.

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Nuggets will make it to the

Nuggets will make it to the WCF...

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