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Your Big Board

Whats your Big Board?

Here is my big board as of right now, factoring a combination of ceiling, floor, and readyness to contribute. I dont care about what mocks say, these are my rankings from the games I've seen. The euros Im going off of youtube, and biting off of experts I must admit. But I've seen all of the Americans play at least a little bit live. Tell me what you think.

1. Kyrie Irving

2. Derrick Williams

3. Brandon Knight

4. Enes Kanter

5. Jan Vesely

6. Donatas Motiejunas

7. Bismack Biyombo

8. Kemba Walker

9. Kawhi Leonard

10. Marcus Morris

11. Chris Singleton

12. Jonas Valunicias

13. Tristian Thompson

14. Travis Leslie

15. Jeremy Tyler

16. Terrance Jones

17. Jimmer Fredette

18. Markief Morris

19. Tobias Harris

20. Darius Morris

21. Klay Thompson

22. Kenneth Farried

23. Marshon Brooks

24. Jordan Hamilton

25. Jajuan Johnson

26. Cory Joseph

27. Nolan Smith

28. Josh Selby

29. Trey Thompkins

30. Malcolm Lee

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If i were to point out one

If i were to point out one player that i think should be higher id say Jordan Hamilton. Id have him up around 10 - 15 range. Other than that i like your rankings.

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