Your All Star Team

Make your all star team using 4 nba players under 25, 4 College players, and 4 high school players

PG: Kyrie Irving

SG: Klay Thompson

SF: Andrew Wiggins

PF: Anthony Davis

C: Andrew Bynum

6: Jabari Parker

7: Cody Zeller

8: Nerlens Noel

9: Andrew Harrison

10: Aaron Harrison

11: Kyle Anderson

12: Peyton Siva

Whats yours?????

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Well, I assume we're trying

Well, I assume we're trying to make the best team possible, so here it goes.



F-Jabari Parker



6.Andrew Wiggins

7.Aaron Gordon

8.One of the Harrison brothers

9.Cody Zeller

10.Shabazz Muhammed

11.Nerlens Noel

12.Aaron Craft

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Siva Really?

Peyton Siva are you serious?

PG D Rose

SG E. Gordon

SF K. Durant

PF N. Noel

C K Love

6. S. Muhammed

7. C. Zeller

8. A. Wiggins

9. A. Pothress

10. A. Harrison

11. J. Parker

12. A. Gordon

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You always get negs if you do this but w.e.

Kyrie Irving-> Aaron Craft-> Tyus Jones

Eric Gordon-> Andrew Wiggins (he can play SG)

Kevin Durant-> Jabari Parker

Anthony Davis-> James McAdoo-> Julius Randle

Cody Zeller-> Nerlens Noel

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PG Derrick Rose Tyus Jones SG

PG Derrick Rose Tyus Jones

SG James Harden Shabazz Muhammad

SF Kevin Durant Andrew Wiggins Alex Poythress

PF Cody Zeller Julius Randle

C Andrew Bynum Nerlens Noel Jahlil Okafor

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