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If you had a new team with weaknesses at every position, who would you take with the #1 pick in this years draft?

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So you mean if I had the

So you mean if I had the Cavs?

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Me personally I would go with

Me personally I would go with Kanter or Perry Jones if Sullinger is out of your equation.

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I'd have to pick Kanter

I'd have to pick Kanter

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Yeah, pretty much if you had

Yeah, pretty much if you had the Cavaliers and you have NO hope in J.J. Hickson

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I'd go with Derrick Williams.

I'd go with Derrick Williams. Guy is a beast and a coach's dream.

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Id go with Williams, but

Id go with Williams, but Barnes and Kanter would also be good options.

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If I have the first pick, no

If I have the first pick, no matter who I am, I pick the same guy..

Not Irving.. I am disapointed in his body as an NBA player and dont really feel like he is ready for the league right now..

Not Barnes because I feel like he is going to take some time to be an effective player in the league.

Not a Euro player because, like Barnes, they take some time..

I pick Derrick Williams.. He can play the 4/3 and he is versatile enough to guard most positions.. And to me, he is the perfect player to place at the top of your team... Think of him as a more mobile Greg Monroe... If he measures in the 6'9 range and isnt like 6'7, he is the number 1 pick for sure...

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Its btwn Barnes and Williams

Its btwn Barnes and Williams for me..... but this tournament Williams has played outta his mind, again this site is right, had williams #1 b4 anyone else

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Irving, if he's available

And the only reason why I say that, isn't because I'm dick riding. Its because everyone should start out with a pure point guard. And Irving is it. Start out with a point guard, build around him. Thats just how I see it. Second choice would obviously be Derrick Williams, lol just too good to pass up if Irving is gone.

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I think it depends on where

I think it depends on where the Cavs' next pick falls... I would pick up Derrick Williams and HOPE Kanter falls to 8th... This might be a golden age of PGs or whatever, but none of these PGs have won anything at the moment except for Rondo. A nba team can win championships with a mediocre PG.

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Dale Worthington
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Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams

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