Youngest MVP's: DRose Edition

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Youngest MVP's: DRose Edition

BPetit 23

BRussel/Wilt 23 or 24

Big O was 24

MJ/Bron were 25

Rose is 22. If finishes up season strong in March. He will win MVP. I believe this is One of the Most crucial months in NBA, besides June of course. The Bulls have 5 back2back games in this Month. This would be great for league a young, humble player, just wonder if he will play politics of NBA & be a spokesman. Maybe a HOF( i think 40% of #1Overall Picks make the HOF)

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As a Derrick Rose fan

As a Derrick Rose fan, I HOPE and PRAY he'll win the MVP... He's been great all year long. I never expected him to be this good so early and I think even Aran Smith would admit that... But as a spokesman?hmmmm... I don't know about that but as far as I know, he ain't winning any All-Interview Team for the rest of his

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