Young Shaq and Kobe

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Young Shaq and Kobe

In honor of Shaq, they were showing Old Laker games on espn classic, and I caught the Lakers Blazers 2000 confrence finals game and even though Shaq struggled until the fourth, he was an absolute beast. He got such great position in the post, and not all his points were dunks, he had a nice arsenal of hooks and dropsteps. Also, it seemed like young Kobe was more of a point than a 2 guard. On fifty percent of the posesions, Kobe was at the point. Also, in that specific game, Brian Shaw is a boss from three. He made a couple big ones in the comeback. Plus Kobe had this nasty bock on i believe it was Steve Smith, maybe Scottie Pippen. He got way up and swated it half way across the court into the stands. Also, the blazers collapsed. To me it was more a Blazers collapse than a lakers comeback. The Lakers were still missing shots until they got within 5. After that, Shaq and Kobe took over.

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Portland should have had 2

Portland should have had 2 titles,but just choked them away in back to back wcf. Sheed was a beast back then, and Glen Rice was the starting 3 on that Laker team

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Yeah, I think Kobe played a

Yeah, I think Kobe played a lot of PG for the Lakers back then. He still is the Lakers primary ball-handler, but for some reason, his handle doesn't seem as tight as it used to be. Nowadays, you'll see him losing the ball a lot.

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Kobe's handle does seem a

Kobe's handle does seem a little loose now... Maybe it's because he's playing with a handfull of jacked up fingers.

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