"you cant have your cake and eat it"

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"you cant have your cake and eat it"

Where do i begin , i dont blame cp3 for being upset , but this is a part of the game. The reason that the players make almost obscene money is because they have a union( players association) to help them collectively bargin with the organized league. This means give and take. When you sign on the dotted line , you must abide by the contract. Dont feel so bad for him.

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it's an awkward situation

it's an awkward situation with the nba owning the hornets. I dont think anyone feels bad for him in the sense he signed his deal and will get paid and needs to show up for work. But reality is that nba teams have the right to trade guys in the last year of their deal and it seems as if the nba as a whole is basically telling paul they wont trade him to certain teams regardless if its a fair deal or not.Pretty much any superstar is gonna need a sign and trade since almost no team has the money to give a max deal, so if paul wants to leave he will need a sign and trade but the nba is kinda blackballing some teams and there doesnt appear to be any reason other then they dont want to see him join a star studded lineup which would hurt all of their chances at winning.

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