Yogi Ferrell

How good is he?

Whats his strengths and weakness?

And what type of future does he have?(NBA?4year solid college player? Overseas?)


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This kid went to my high

This kid went to my high school so I have played with him a lot and have seen him play a lot. He is a bit undersized but is really strong for his size. He is probably one of the quickest players in the class and not very many people can stay in front of him. His jumper has gotten a lot better and is a bit streaky, but when it's on he's kind of unguardable (especially at hs level). He's pretty athletic (has had a few dunks) but not a complete athletic freak. The best part of his game is setting up his teammates. He's extremely smart and a good kid. Not a one-and-done type of player probably, but certainly has a chance to make it to the league (especially if he continues to grow). Would be suprised if Hoosiers didn't make the final 4 next year.

I've heard him get compared to everyone from Isiah Thomas (the hall of fame one) to Kemba Walker.

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Yea I noticed they have him

Yea I noticed they have him listed at 5'11, he looks more like 5'8 or 5'9, but in some of the highlights I was watching he did look pretty quick and can push the tempo and find people.

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