Yesterday vs. Today - Part 3

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Yesterday vs. Today - Part 3

What do you think of the following comparisons to yesterday's stars:

1. Kevin Willis- Drew Gooden

2. Greg Ostertag- Cole Aldrich

3. Hersey Hawkins- Ben Gordon

4. Felton Spencer- Spencer Hawes

5. Bernard King- Carmelo Anthony

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Bernard king had a good

Bernard king had a good career but he could've been so much better. You know you were a great talent when Michael Jordan said he looked up to you as a kid. what a waste

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Felton Spencer and Spencer

Felton Spencer and Spencer Hawes are nothing alike.
Cole Aldrich is somewhat similar to Greg Ostertag but 4 inches shorter.
Kevin Willis was a heck of a rebounder and could also score. Better all-around than Drew Gooden.
Hersey Hawkins was smooth and can score. Good long range shooter. Not sure who he could compare to today. Ben Gordon is more of an instant-offense guy. Steph Curry is basically a point guard version of Hersey Hawkins.

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Hersey Hawkins could defend

Hersey Hawkins could defend so that makes him unlike Curry and Gordon. I remember Hawkins defending Jordan pretty tough even though Hawkins was shorter.

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Your being disrespectful to

Your being disrespectful to Hawkins and Willis...Check Kevin Willis stats and then Check Drew Gordon(Willis avg 10plus points for 17 seasons!...Willis physic was like Dwight Howards, and he did great for the Hawks back in the day. And I agree Hawkins was a complete player..I like the Bernard King to Carmelo comparison, to scorers who played no D..

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just stop

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I agree with the Bernard King

I agree with the Bernard King and Carmelo Anthony comparison both were the best at what they did and that was score.

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"Bernard king had a good

"Bernard king had a good career but he could've been so much better. You know you were a great talent when Michael Jordan said he looked up to you as a kid. what a waste"

If you're referring to his injuries and that it was a shame his career was cut short, I'd agree. If you're referring to "...what a waste" as in "he blew it, he was lazy, not motivated, etc", then I'd have to ask if you know your history at ALL? Bernard King was an All-World talent. Top 3 scorer in the league at the time. Then he blew his knees out...and came drop 50 not once, but twice in TWO CONSECUTIVE games on the road.

Great read:

Check out his career stats:

Sorry for the soapbox, but King is one of the few NY players I really dig (dug, rather?). The clips of him in the first link are really sweet as well.

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Greg Ostertag - Darko

Greg Ostertag - Darko Milicic/DeAndre Jordan. Un-talented offensive players, but very big and top end shot blockers

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