Yes. It's another trade idea

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Yes. It's another trade idea

I know trade ideas are silly, but what about this one?

Lakers trade Gasol. Lakers Receive Josh Smith, Courtney Lee

Hawks trade Josh Smith, Stevenson, Anthony Morrow. Hawks Receive Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger, and Avery Bradley

Celtics trade Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Jared Sullinger, Avery Bradley. Celtics Receive Gasol, Stevenson, Anthony Morrow

Lakers get two of Dwights buddies and get more athletic for the running they are about to do.

Hawks get a nice haul for Josh Smith. Horford can be the teams official power forward by letting Jeff Green slide over to the 3. Sullinger and Bradley have a bright future.

Celtics cash in on the young talent they have and go into beat the HEAT mode. Stevenson plays excellent defense on LeBron and Wade and adding Gasol will definitely help the Celtics chance of beating the HEAT in the playoffs.

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Celtics say "hell no." They

Celtics say "hell no." They have a great mix of youth and vets, but they made major roster changes. At least give them time to work the new pieces in before they give up their future.

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Again the Lakers get the bigger of a big trade

Basically Bynum straight up for Dwight and now Gasol straight up for Josh Smith and Courtney Lee.

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I think this is one of the

I think this is one of the more realistic trades that has been posted. LA's been rumored for Josh Smith, ATL gets some youngings, Celtics keep depth at the 2 guard with morrow while opening a spot for bradley and moving KG to the 4; all in all everything is plausible for team needs and Danny Ainge's tendency to push for one more.

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no way

Gasol for smith straight up wouldnt work, there is noway they could get courtney lee and smith for gasol. and the celtics get screwed. the celtics have nice depth and they seem to fit together nicely, so why would they trade all of that for gasol.

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Lakers gets Smith and

Lakers gets Smith and Korver
Toronto gets Gasol
Hawks get Jonas V. And Terrance Ross.

Lakers want Smith and a shooter
Toronto gets a 5 to play now. Jonas V. Unfortunately isn't ready as we thought he would have been. Toronto desperately wants to make playoffs now. Gasol/Bargnani with Derozan and Lowry is a 7-8th seed playoffs team now.

Hawks get two valuable prospects. Jonas V. is the center that'll put Hortford at his natural pf position.

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As a Raptors fan: HELL NO!!!!

As a Raptors fan: HELL NO!!!! Jonas has looked really good in limited minutes and has all star potential, Ross is a very nice defender/shooter with a lot of potential. I do not want old ass Pau on my team if I have to give up my 2 most promising young players. By the way he will just leave us after next season

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You got HUGE imagination

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