Yes!!! Fiba rejects David Stern's U23 Reich!

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Yes!!! Fiba rejects David Stern's U23 Reich!

Raef LaFrentz
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Hell yeah.

Hell yeah.

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Basketball reasons...

Basketball reasons...

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yes yes yes

great news &$#%#&@! me off that stern was trying too do this should be up too the players if they wanna have the honor of representing their country not sterns pos azz

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Stern doesn't care

about USA basketball or international basketball. He only cares about his cash cow, the NBA. He didn't want "his" players overextending themselves in the summers and hurting "his" product. Unless, of course he got "his" cut.

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Good news! Basketball is

Good news! Basketball is still growing in popularity around the world and showcasing the best basketball talent at the Olympics will go along way in making it a truly global sport. Stern likes to point to the under-23 rule in Olympic men's soccer but the only reason FIFA can get away with an under-23 rule is that theWorld Cup is arguably the biggest sports event on the planet. Lifting the under-23 rule in soccer would be akin to having two world cups only that FIFA wouldn't benefit as much from the 'Olympic World Cup'.

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There was never any chance

There was never any chance that FIBA was handing over control and ownership of the FIBA World Cup to them. The 2010 FIBA World Cup made more money than either the 2008 or 2012 Olympic basketball tournaments did.

No way in hell was FIBA just going to hand that over to the NBA.

Stern and Cuban are a joke.

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