Yash's Mock v1

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Yash's Mock v1

Check it out and feel free to ask any questions. There's only a comment here or there because I had some trouble saving them. The only reason I did the first two picks of the 2nd round are to show who's leaning towards being a late first. I think for OKC if they can nab Alabi at 32, they'll do a splendid job again. James Anderson can play the back court with Harden and Maynor (although maybe they take Ebanks here) and Gani Lawal gives them some much needed front court strength. Ibaka has nowhere to go but up so it would be interesting to see them two together.

Stanley Robinson is a complete reach but I think getting the opportunity to work with some UConn alums (Marcus Williams, Thabeet, Gay - assuming he stays) will allow him to develop (don't forget they have my boy DeMarre Carroll at the 3 spot too).

I put Terrico White at Atlanta as insurance for Joe Johnson bolting. I've said (not on these forums) that Jamal Crawford can step in and carry SOME of the scoring load, but I think adding a combo player like White gives them another weapon (although obviously he isn't proven at the NBA level).

Post comments, questions, criticism - I'm welcome to it.

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Bulls probably wont take

Bulls probably wont take another SF...we Deng and James Johnson already...if the draft went how you have it...theyd probably take Udoh. Stanley Robinson wont go that high but i do think he will make a squad somewhere next year. He could be a very good defender at the next level.

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