Yao's Minutes and Eric Dampier

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Yao's Minutes and Eric Dampier

These are a couple other insider posts I thought you guys might find interesting. 24 minutes all year for Yao and they're trying to bring in Dampier for some more low post help

he Rockets want to prevent Yao Ming from suffering more injuries so they have decided the oft-injured center will only play 24 minutes per game during the regular season. That's not a suggestion, but a mandate.

"Twenty-four is his number all year," Rockets vice president and athletic trainer Keith Jones told the Houston Chronicle. "Playoffs come, things could change. We're trying to get him through April. We're trying to give him the best chance to play the whole season by limiting stress. Even practices, if we play on Monday and play again on Wednesday, can he practice on Tuesday? No. He'll practice, but he won't scrimmage."

"At the end of the day, it's all about winning," general manager Daryl Morey said. "It's about winning in the playoffs. We're choosing to limit Yao Ming and Yao Ming is in agreement that this is the best plan. We want him when it counts the most."

The team may also limit the minutes of Shane Battier and Luis Scola to keep them fresh for the playoffs, too.


The Houston Chronicle reports the Rockets want more depth at the center position and have offered Erick Dampier a two-year, $4 million contract and are also talking with Jazz restricted free agent Kyrylo Fesenko.

General manager Daryl Morey would not say if the Rockets have made any offers.

"We're happy with our group, but we're constantly looking at good players if they become available," Morey said. "There are some bigs that might be available. Mr. (Leslie) Alexander has approved spending money, but anything happening would be a long shot."

The newspaper reports Dampier also has offers from Miami and Memphis.

The Rockets already have three centers -- Yao Ming, Brad Miller and Jordan Hill and Chuck Hayes who plays the position -- under contract.

SI's Chris Mannix reports Toronto also has interest in the free agent and that Philadelphia might get in the mix since they only have true centers Spencer Hawes and Tony Battie on the roster.

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Last year The Bulls set a

Last year The Bulls set a mandate on the number of minutes center Joakim Noah should play..But Del Negro went over it..Thats what started that fight between he and Paxson...

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All I can say is.. What the

All I can say is..

What the hell does Memphis think they are doing offering Dampier a deal and not getting their rookies inked up! Like they really have a chance getting Dampier, and if they did why would he be a better option then Gasol? And if they dont wanna develop Thabeet they might-as-well trade him and get whatever value they can from him. Geesh frickin idiots over there in Memphis.

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