Yao retires

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Yao retires

WojYahooNBA Adrian Wojnarowski
Rockets' Yao Ming has decided to retire from the NBA, league sources tell Y! Sports. He informed the league office within past 48 hours.

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Sad to see a great career cut

Sad to see a great career cut short by injuries...

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Truly a great man. My second

Truly a great man. My second favortie player of all time. The first time i ever watched an NBA game on TV was between the Lakers and Rockets, and I vividly remember Shaq and Yao battling.

The first gamI ever attended was against the Rockets, and that was when Yao made his first three.

A class act, a great human being, I hope he succeeds in what ever he does, and instead of focusing on what he couldn't do, let's rather focus on what he did do.

Maybe he comes back in couple years, who knows, I just hope he gets healthy.

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Isn't he that tall guy?

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Really wanted him to get

Really wanted him to get healthy. He was such a force

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This is really, really sad

This is really, really sad news. He was really hitting his stride and becoming the best C in basketball when he got hurt in that series against LA, and that's saying something because he was really dominant to begin with.

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good news for the Rockets, but sad to see Yao leave this way!

Now the Rockets got some more money to spend on new players!!!! go Rockets?

Yao was a very good player, but its a shame he never reached his potiential....well except when he was playing against Shaq, but Shaq still won those battles by far

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Too bad,

I actually liked Yao's overall gameplay and demeanor. He shifted the NBA's influence in China significantly.

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I feel bad for Yao. Stupid Chinese govt. for making him play on the national team for so long, that it added up and caused injury. Yao was a great player, and was and still is a class act. I wish him best of luck in any future ventures.

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so is China still gonna vote

so is China still gonna vote Yao in the all star game next year

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