Yancy Gates

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Yancy Gates

What do you think about him?

GOOD - Very skilled, size and strength, athletiscism
BAD - motor, shot with range


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He's a big body down low and

He's a big body down low and when he's in shape he shows quick feet for a guy his size. Has a finesse game and a power game, and when he's at his best he can blend them together extremely well down low and make devastating moves. Soft touch, and he loves to go to his turnaround jumper down low. The problem with him (and a few of Cincy's players last year like Deonta Vaughn and Lance Stephenson) is that they add on body fat and it makes them more sluggish and less explosive than their ideal athletic ability. He also can get too finesse, and drifts from playing as powerful as he should at the college level. Disappears from games alot more easily than he should. Not as productive as he should've been, partially due to shaky guard play though.

2011 or 2012 guy, but with a good season he could sneak in the 1st round. More likely, he's a 2nd round pick. Similar to Derrick Caracter.

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