Xbox 360 Draft Class is up!

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Xbox 360 Draft Class is up!

Hey guys, I have some great news. After a ton of time and effort spent, I have finished creating the first version of the draft class for the Xbox 360! On Xbox, it is entitled " V1 Official", obviously without the quotation marks.

I'm very excited to be bringing you the first version of many 2013 draft classes to come! If you would like to address me about some players that I should add for my next installment, or any rating changes that you feel necessary, then feel free to message me on the 360, or comment below. I hope everyone enjoys my first class!

Draft Class Name: V1 Official

My Xbox 360 GT: WaLrUs x KiLlsZ

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Nicely done, i hope to

Nicely done, i hope to download it but i was wondering if you had to have an xbox gold membership to be able to get on 2k share? It dont and it wasnt let me use it at first and thought maybe it was just a technical issue? Havent checked in a while

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That's a GOOD THING right

Good I will check it out

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walrus kills lol

walrus kills lol

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