Xavier Henry

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Xavier Henry

I quite liked him coming out of college but he hasn't done too much. I haven't seen him play this season...

Thoughts ? Future ?

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I didn't know when he got

I didn't know when he got traded to NOH, but you'd think with Gordon out he'd be able to get some minutes. I think he can still contribute as a role player on a good team and start on a team lacking depth at the SG position. I wouldn't mind seeing him end up in Minnesota to see if he can plug that hole at the 2 for them.

Like so many talented players though he just ended up in a bad situation when he was drafted, the Grizzlies had great depth at the 2/3 and now most people have forgotten about him. I was a big fan of Henry, so I hope he bounces back.

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He's still very raw

He's still very raw offensively,he has great size and length...When he was with Memphis he started off pretty well, opposing teams were raving about his poise and defense for a rookie....But injuries and the addition of Tony Allen,who made everyone on the team more defensive minded..Made Henry expendable..

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I'm still a firm believe he

I'm still a firm believe he can be an 18-20ppg kind of player and since Eric Gordon did not want to sign the extentsion with the Hornets, he could be their starter next season with Gordon gone.

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I agree with RUDEBOY, he's

I agree with RUDEBOY, he's pretty raw despite having a nice shooting touch. His mid-range game is pretty weak, and he tends to be a player who is content hanging out on the perimeter shooting 3's. He's really a big 6'6'', but really doesn't have much of a post game. In college he'd often be guarded by 6'2'' 195 lb players and using his size seemed like it didn't even cross his mind.

He is a good defender, especially for a young guy. I think he'll have a better shot getting minutes for his defense than he will for his scoring. IMO, I don't see him averaging more than 14 ppg at any point in his career. He could develop into a nice complimentary player, but I don't think he's a 1st or 2nd option in the NBA.

I saw him play a few times as a rookie, but I'll admit I havent seen him yet this year. He may have developed some, but I feel he'll just be shooter off the bench/occasional starter who defends well for most of his career. He has the physical tools to be very good, but I don't know if he'll put it together.

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I kinda would like to see him on the cavs before next season So they focus on getting one of those swing forwards
Like Miller or Barnes or MKG which is my favorite of the three because of defensive skill set and team player behavior
I think he has all star potential

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honestly i thought this guy

honestly i thought this guy was a future allstar and at some point of this season i have even forgot there is a player in the nba by the name of Xavier Henry

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Many of you are acting as if

Many of you are acting as if he's still a promising prospect who is yet to step foot in the NBA. The guy has played, and even started in the league (even if it wasn't for an extended period).

Some players never make the mental transition from college/HS to the pros - this is what many are forgetting. Now I'm not concretely saying Henry is one of those, but from what we've seen, there is reason to have some concern. I watched most of Memphis' games last year, and he looked like a deer in the headlights in most of his PT.

Physical gifts are a funny thing, because it's the mental makeup of the player which determines how they are utilized. Henry has a great body and height for his position, but his lack of assertiveness really rendered those gifts useless last year. Also his first step is average, and when combined with his below-avg handle, he lacks the shot creating ability to ever be a great scorer. He has a nice stroke, but it simply didn't drop in his first year. Defensively, he's solid, and should become a good defender if he keeps improving.

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Henry always had a sweet shot

Henry always had a sweet shot and he's a physically gifted SG with good defensive skills too. He hasn't really shot well since he's been in the NBA, I remember him struggling in the conference slate at KU which is a good indicator of how raw a player really is, and considering he's always been a poor ball-handler and shot creator, there isn't much for him to hang his hat on. His defense is solid but he isn't a lockdown guy, and he's a nice guy with intangibles, but he has to get his shot back to the level its hyped to be, and also improve on his able to do things outside of shooting offensively.

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I raved about henry as well

I raved about henry as well his ceiling is high wonder what if him and wall played at memphis would his draft stock had been higher putting him in a better situation to see playing time.But thats the thing about drafting for future potential instead of capabilities now more times then not it doesn't pay off.

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