Xavier Henry

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Xavier Henry

I'm watching the MEM vs SAS game and I was just wondering if any Memphis fans can tell me what this kid has been doing all year? I haven't heard a single thing about him (granted I do not watch many Grizz games but...) just wondering because I liked him out of college.

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Pretty sure he has missed

Pretty sure he has missed most of the season with a injury.

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He started off the year okay.

He started off the year okay. His shooting was horrific and he could not hit a long range shot, he often had times even getting behind the three point line. He started some games after Mayo got benched and he played great defense and just used his physicality to score.

He needs to improve his shooting and ball handling, but he has a very bright future. He did get a season ending injury but this offseason will be big for him.

His best game was against the Lakers where he had 12 points and he really frustrated Kobe on the defensive end. He just bullied him.

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He wasn't good in college,

He wasn't good in college, and he's not good in the NBA. Not a surprise.

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