Xavier and Cincinnati suspensions

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Xavier and Cincinnati suspensions

Cincinnati... Yancy Gates 6 games, Cheikh Mbodj 6 games, Octavius Ellis 6 games, Ge'Lawn Guyn 1 game.

Xavier... Tu Holloway 1 game, Mark Lyons 2 games, Dez Wells 4 games, Landen Amos 4 games.

All I have to say is how does Yancy Gates get a 6 game suspension for doing what he did and Festus Ezeli gets a 6 game supension for accepting a hotel room.

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How does Yancy Gates not get

How does Yancy Gates not get kicked off the team?

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Disgusting, Gates should be going home for good...

and a lot of other Kids on both squads should be going back home as well...Gates should not be allowed back to school, If he was a regular student he'd be in Jail right now, and he'd also be looking for a new College to attend...Athletes as always, are not treated like the rest of the World...We'd all be in handcuffs and posting bail if we were involved in a Brawl like this one...

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everybody should have gotten

everybody should have gotten harder suspensions. gates should have gotten the rest of the season at least. and the guy who kicked kenny frease in the head when he was on the floor should even get more than gates i think.

those suspensions are really jokes if you think about what other players get!!!

if i were in charge of those programms i would suspend at least yancy gates and the guy who kicked frease in the head! that would really be a great sign cause the NCAA does not seem to be able to handle this properly.

tu holloway and mark lyons deserve a lot more as well for that post game press conferece! even if you somehow think this was cool you don´t go in front of the media with such an opinion! poor job by xaviers staff i must say. to let these players talk to the media and not protect them from themselfs was awful!

at least cincinattis coach had a great press conference! really liked what he said!

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I dont get why everyone makes

I dont get why everyone makes a big deal of what Holloway and Lyons said in the press conference, they WERE attacked, they had to defend themselves point blank, dont matter if your from the "HOOD" or "SUBURBS" when someone tries to attack you, you always defend yourself, and your taught that at an early age.

Basketball comes with trash talking, Cincinatti players were talking trash days before the game, The Xavier players didn't say anything before the game, but when they won and whooped UC's ass AND added in trash talking UC couldnt handle that and wanted to FIGHT, and thats where basketball stops, Trash talking is a part of the game, but when you want to put your hands on someone for trash talking you wanna do more than play basketball, I dont think Mark Lyons or Tu Holloway should have gotten a suspension period.

The comments they made were also in the heat of the moment, so if anyone should be blamed it should be the Xavier staff not two 22 year old guys who were just involved in a heated altercation, the XU coach should have just went and talked and told them to calm down and stay in the locker room.

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is this suspension by the

is this suspension by the NCAA or by the Big Ten and Atlantic Ten. Both conferences or teams can add suspend there players more if they want, which could be a possibility.

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6 games seems like nothing

I am pretty shocked that Gates at the very least only got 6 games. I thought he would miss most of Big East play. I do not know if there is another board who might dole out more games or whatever, but right now, this seems super lenient.

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Tu "2Gangsta" Holloway

We've got a whole bunch of gangstas in the locker room - not thugs, but tough guys on the court

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mick cronin got my respect after this
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That Tupac Holloway quote is

That Tupac Holloway quote is legendary.

The X-Men will be fine. They lose Dez Wells for the game against Gonzaga but they will be alright.

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Yancy Gates without question

Yancy Gates without question should be kicked off the team, and I think the dude that tried to Ndamukong Suh stomp should be gone too...

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