WVU vs Kentucky

Dont tell anyone, but I think that Huggins choked...

4 minutes left in the game and you are down 4.. What do you need?? Easy baskets, defensive stops... NOT home-run calls... Casey Mitchell hit like 2 shots and all of a sudden, we are running every play to him for 3 when all we need is an easy bucket and a stop... Then, still down 4, we bring Jonnie West off the bench and run a play for 3 to him... Guess what?? AIR BALL!! Go figure...

Also, Cam Thorughman was outmatched today... The Big Turk should have been in for the bulk of the game because he was strong enough to deal with that big guy from Kentucky.. Also, he couldnt be stopped on the block...

Dont get me wrong, I love Huggins but I do think that he made some bad calls late..

Why not ISO Turk on the block to go one on one?? Why not run KJ to the top of the key where he loves to shoot threes??? Or get Mazzual to the goal.. HELL, I would have even rather seen Truck Bryant get the play call than Mitchell...

I love you Huggie Bear but I dont agree with your play calls.. BUT, I guess it is easy for me to say..................................................................................

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I agree Kilici should of

I agree Kilici should of played more, Huggins loves Cam for some reason but he could not handle Harrelson today.

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If he hits those shots this

If he hits those shots this post isn't made. If they would have went away from him after hitting his last 2 shots another post would have been made saying " why didn't they get him the ball". They were struggling to get points from anyone else after halftime in the half court so he was damned no matter who he went to so why not go with the guy who has the best chance of scoring with tough defense on him

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No.. Mitchel is a shooter not

No.. Mitchel is a shooter not a scorer... He should have given the ball to a scorer who create... If he calls the right play and we lose, I dont post this... He made the wrong call... I am not one to call out a coach often expecially a coach that I admire but here, he screwed up... If you watched the game, you know that I am right...

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