WVU Butler

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WVU Butler

How come Butler is getting no love on the draft boards for next year? To me he could play a two or three in the NBA with his three point range and great feel for the game. What about Ruoff? No love for him. I understand he isnt very versitle but he could be a second round pick up for a good team. Maybe a team that needs some outside shooting and a decent defender. Care to comment?

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i agree

Butler should be getting more love than he has, he's improved virtually every year and with Joe Alexander entering the draft last year Butler has stepped up for WVU and has been a team leader and clutch performer for this team. I'm not big on Ruoff but I suppose he wouldn't be a bad second round pick

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Butler is a solid all around player and he is a dog out there man. He rebounds real good for a wing. and ruoff is a great passer and shooter but he probably isnt athletic enough to play in the nba

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