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WTF is just happen Delonte West sign 1 year 1.18M deal and Kwame Brown sign 7M DEAL with Warriors. Are you kidding me 7M

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No idea

Do not know why this is the case, but apparently this makes sense? Guess it is harder to find a 6'11 dude than a 6'3 guy, but in terms of who the more productive player has been, you will not be hearing me argue. Last season was actually one of the best in Kwame's career, and it still was nothing to write home about. Super surprised a team spent this much on him, but they must feel he is a need or will play some kind of a role.

I guess with big men, their track record is forgotten pretty quickly, so they are willing to take a gamble. To an average person, 7 million seems insane and beyond our wildest dreams, but in the NBA it is apparently not seen as slightly above average. DeSagana Diop is set to make near that this year (if he was not amnestied), and he has never averaged more than 3 ppg over a season.

There are near 50 players set to make over 10 million dollars in the NBA. Unfortunately, not all of them are top 50 level talents, but that is what the market has dictated. Than, you have around 30 more players between that who are set to make more than Kwame. When you factor in the large amount of players still in years 1-4 of their rookie contract, about 99% of them making less than 7 million, than I guess people some how get the notion of Kwame Brown being worth 7 million dollars.

Not saying that this is right, I think him making that much money is clearly insane. But, at the very least, it is a one year deal, so he does not have a long term contract that nets him 10% more every year. Delonte West is a better player, but I think a number of teams were scared off due to his off-court issues. He seems like an absolute steal for Dallas at the veterans minimum, but I guess there are a lot more competent guards available than bigger players. Probably will not get many favorable responses rationalizing why Kwame Brown gets 7 million dollars, I too find it irrational, but if you go by how the NBA seems to work rather than the "HOLY SH#T! HOW DOES HE MAKE THAT MUCH MONEY!?" angle, than I think you kind of realize why it happened.

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Kwame Brown? 7 million is

Kwame Brown? 7 million is absolutely ridiculous. He's worth maybe 2. Same with Caron Butler.

It's these exact kind of contracts that bloat the player salaries.... mediocre players making way too much. Nothing has changed.

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sorry but Kwame Brown isnt

sorry but Kwame Brown isnt even worth the minimum...

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