WOW, young Shaq and Drummond similarities

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WOW, young Shaq and Drummond similarities

WOW... this might be far fetched but i couldn't stop thinking about Drummond as i saw this highlights, so much that i HAD TO start this thread

. from 0:00 to 0:10, those blocks, even the way he runs the floor afterwards

0:30 that dunk

1:10 and 1:17 that lil' turn around jumper that dru likes as opposed to the traditional hook shot

1:43 that acrobatic layup after bringing it to his hips in mid air as a 7 footer. Dru had two of these in the preseason

2:25 that putback dunk

2:41 that block screams drummond.

3:02 that lil turnaround shot that dru likes again

sorry for posting the same video that;s already been posted...let the negs rain, but i seriously couldn't stop thinking about drummond as i saw these highlights, i had to

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Yeah, I watched that video

Yeah, I watched that video from the Luke Winn column, and the layup at 1:43 was pretty similar to what Drummond did the other night. Still, Shaq was only 17 (!) then compared to Drummond's 19 and had 2-3 inches on him. Young Shaq's athleticism was really something else.

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i agree that some of their

i agree that some of their highlights look pretty much the same. but the college highlights of perry jones also look like the ones of kevin durant.

the problem is just that for drummond and or jones those where just highlights of the season. the guys you think of when you see them did this every other night. that is were the difference between them is....

they may look similar in highlight tapes. just do not expect the same numbers in the NBA anytime soon....

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It's the classic problem of

It's the classic problem of silent evidence.

Sure, Drummond's highlights might be just as good as Shaq. But it's the other 97% of plays where Shaq is superior.

I hope Drummond figures it out (even though the Raptors were too stupid to draft him).

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it's funny, just the other

it's funny, just the other day i thought about exactly that when i saw the Drummond pre-season mix, the style of his game look very similar to young Shaq, but the problem is that Drummond's will to dominnate is very poor or even not exist so he can't came close to Shaq as a player.

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Dru and Shaq do have similar

Dru and Shaq do have similar games, but shaq is basically dru on steroids in every sense of the word. Shaq was just TOO strong and too big, he dominated players. Dru is more of a strong powerforward who got hops. he's still amazing but shaq is just...

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I am a Drummond fan

But he is not Shaq. No where near his size or power. It will not be fair to even compare.

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Their style of play is so similar - it's like Iverson & Westbrook all over again!

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i actually agree, call me

i actually agree, call me crazy but this comparison is much better than Howard's..

what they do similar only dunk but even dunking style is different..

now look Shaq was 7'1 300lbs at combine at 20yo, Drummond is only inch or two shorter has identical 7'6plus winspan, and even weighted only 22lbs less while Andre had like twice less body fat than Shaq at the combine..
in 3-5yrs Andre will be 300plus pound the biggest fella in the NBA i think..

plus both crazy athletes, bad freethrow shooters but have some touch, handles and court vision..


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Shaq could actually score in

Shaq could actually score in the post, I don't think I've seen Drummond post-up anybody

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People said Olowakandi was a

People said Olowakandi was a young Shaq too...

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okay well the Shaq i know

okay well the Shaq i know ends up adding another 60 pounds and becomes one of the best big men to ever play the game. Seems to be very high expectations for Drummond.

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I think if it is a comparison

I think if it is a comparison it isn't a good one. If it is just showing that they can make amazing moves at their size then it is spot on. I think Drummond is a special talent. I think if he tries he can be as good or better than Howard. Now, I don't think Howard maximized his ability and could have been more dominant. People like to say Deandre Jordan for Andre. A few things different to me. I think Andre has better touch right now than Deandre has or will have around the rim. Therefore I think he will be a much better scorer than Jordan. Two, I think he is a better defender and stronger at the same age and I personally think they are very close right now on defense to each other. I don't know if Drimmond ever gets 20ppg but I think he will definitely get 12 to 13 rpg and close to 3bpg when he gets a little more experience.

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??? joecheck88

Drummond can be as good or better than Howard?

HECK NO!! The closest comparison of Dru is DeAndre Jordan. No questions about it. But nothing about Dru's game is Dwight Howard. IMO. And I dont see how you can say Dwight hasn't maximized his potential? He's 26yrs old! Hasnt even gotten into his prime yet. Just now getting on a team with high quality players around him. Avg 21 and 15 last yr. I dont think that's fair to say that he didnt maximize his potential. Shaq got his first ring at 27. Im just saying.

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Dwight doesn't dominate the

Dwight doesn't dominate the game offensively like he should so no he hasn't maximized his potential. There is no reason he shouldn't average 25ppg +. He doesn't dominate the game but has the potential to. I'm not using Dwight as a comparison either. I'm using his name saying Andre can be the best C in the league which is what Howard is. I hate the Deandre comparison. It is lazy. You see an athletic seven footer who shoots free throws poorly and blocks shots. Andre is stronger than Deandre right now. He will be a better post defender than Deandre soon. With his strength he will rebound better and he has incredible touch around the rim. I don't see why can't he can't incorporate some hook shots and up and unders. He definitely needs to shoot free throws better but I can see him getting 25 and 14 in his career. Plus he will block a lot of shots and be a very good 1 on 1 post defender. That is how I feel about it anyway. He is a long way away from that but the sky is the limit.

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Shaq averaged 12 rebounds per

Shaq averaged 12 rebounds per game in 28 minutes as a freshman and Drummond averaged 7.6. Drummond was basically an average college center last year, while Shaq was immediately domminant on the defense end in college. Don't get started on what Shaq did the next year (27 points per game on 63% shooting). There really isn't any reason to compare these guys.

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What Shaq did aside from the

What Shaq did aside from the highlights was way more than what Drummond is doing now. I mean, their free throw shooting is similarly scary, but Drummond's gotta get the fouls down and get a few post moves down.

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can we please stop with the

can we please stop with the comparisons....... drummond will never be a shaq

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lol ya.

Drummond is the next Shaq. While we at it, Lebron is the next Jordan too.

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i wasn't trying to say

i wasn't trying to say drummond will be shaq.

i just wanted to point out some similarities i saw, that's it.

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I see what you are saying but

I see what you are saying but let's just let Drummond be Drummond. This just makes me miss shaq, at 300+ he would race down the floor and throw down 360s... I will never understand that.

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wtf?! u guy r drunk!.drummond plays nutton like shaq! lmao

An he didnt play as good as stanley roberts either while he wuz et uconn./p>

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Stanley ROBINSON* And PS,


And PS, please leave the forum forever. You spell like you're missing half the keys on your keyboard and you're on meth.

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stop insulting people to get

stop insulting people to get points bro... stfu honestly. its thats all you do.

out of your 753 post, 500 are insults or ''amens''

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Actually, I think he's making

Actually, I think he's making a legit point here and isn't talking out of his a$$ like he normally does. Stanley Roberts was a former LSU center and Shaq's college teamate. He was actually a very good prospect and was a beast in college. Drugs [email protected] his career.

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bad dog do have a lil sense.lafrentz iz 1 uf the wurst posters

I< p>

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Shaq destroyed Hank Gathers

Shaq destroyed Hank Gathers in those highlights.

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Just a reminder

Drummond should be a freshman in college now. (if he didnt reclassify). So in a way this is like watching him straigh out of HS. That Lsu team cannot be compared to last years Uconn team in any way except they were both D1 seriousky , Chris Jackson jheeeeeeze

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Bump. And by the way 'A lil


And by the way 'A lil English'.... the Westbrook and Iverson comparison is actually really common nowadays!

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