Wow Timberwolves

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Wow Timberwolves

5 technicals in 10 seconds, that's insane.

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They don't care anymore

They don't care anymore

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We are just tired of blowing

We are just tired of blowing leads and having our hearts broken by the spurs. Props to the wolves for seeing that the game was getting close and taking themselves out of it before suffering another close loss.

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Rambis got 2 within like 3 seconds. But to be fare the spurs were raping them. And the ref just started giving them out to everyone lol. Like to Love which was crazy. I think the main reason they all went crazy was because the refs were being retarded and not calling anything. Well they were not calling anything on the Spurs anyways lol

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no freakin lie

the refs are so freakin retarded especially this respect the rules or whatever its called i mean its completely bull crap they make a call and they know they messed up so what do they do to try and make up for it give a tech to the guy that committed the foul completely bull crap and then when guys with no name shows a little emotion they get a tech and then when an all star complains its well we cant give one to him he's an allstar completely bull crap i just feel for D. Howard man is he gonna be paying a lot of fines before the season is over

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Was Beasley part of the Tech

Was Beasley part of the Tech sessison?

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55 second mark, they were all bad calls, Darko didn't foul Jefferson, then Blair fouled Love and the ref didn't call it.

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thats typical nba

thats the type of stuff that constantyl goes on the nba the better team getting all the calls and especially if they are the home team i understand getting more calls on your home court but sum of the nba games are just out of hand the way the better team gets calls glad too see the t wolves showing sum pride and flippin the f out about this bs and by the way im a huge spurs fan but its crap the way the twolves got treated

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