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How did Serge Ibaka not make the NBA All-Defense team?! Some of these players made it on REP imo!!! This is fake

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Memphis Madness
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Yeah,that is bogus. Serge is

Yeah,that is bogus. Serge is the best shot-blocker in the league and he can body up to guys. He is really making Z Bo work for it in the Grizzlies-Thunder series.

I like my Defensive 1st team better (Rondo, Tony Allen, LeBron, Ibaka, Dwight Howard).

I think I had Battier and Bogans in my second team.

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What amazes me the most is

What amazes me the most is that he only got 6 votes and only 1 first team vote.

And Joe Johnson got a first team vote. If you can't think of 2 guards who are better defenders than Johnson...

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Derrick Rose got more votes than Dwyane Wade

It is a measure of offense beating defense fairly constantly. Still, I feel that these picks were fairly justified. Yes, Ibaka is a strong defender and a great shot blocker, but has the Memphis series not kind of shown he can still use work in this area? Who do you put him on the team over?

First Team

Rondo (deserved it)

Kobe (Still a great defender, deserved it)

LeBron (Who has played great defense this season)

Garnett (Still relentless, best defensive PF in the league still)

Dwight Howard (Duh)

Second Team

G Chris Paul (Awesome pressure defender, and while his size might make you think he is a passing lane guy or a liability, he is not at all. Solid defender for years.)

G Tony Allen (Arguably becoming the top perimeter defender in the league, and I think it would be debatable for him to be on the first team over Kobe)

F Andre Iguodala (Different type of defender than Ibaka, but seasoned vet who had proven to be a very versatile defender. His defense is what makes him as valuable of a player as he is, effects plays all over the court)

F/C Joakim Noah (Yes, he missed a lot of games, but he is clearly the best defender on the leagues best defensive team. Great rebounder and pesky post defender, very deserving)

C Tyson Chandler (The guy changed the attitude of the Mavericks. The best post defender Dirk has played with bar none, gave a team people had given up on a new identity, which is funny seeing as he was a player people had given up on)

Serge is well on his way to being an All-Defensive pick, but I do not know who you take him over. If you measure defense on blocked shots, than Andrew Bogut should have made it. Even though, the Bucks were a pretty crap defensive team. I am not saying the teams were perfect or the voting is fool proof, as Derrick Rose having more votes than Russell Westbrook and especially Dwyane Wade is laughable, but I do not find that the teams were garbage. When there are only 10 slots, discrepancy will definitely be there.

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So no Grant Hill? He kept

So no Grant Hill? He kept guys to what.. 35% shooting when he guarded them? Not only that, he guarded every position in pretty much every game.

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Yeah Grant Hill was given the

Yeah Grant Hill was given the toughest assignment every single night from derrick rose to dirk, and he always held them to a low percentage.

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I would take Grant Hill over Iguodala

He plays fantastic defense, and he did get votes. Still, on Phoenix, he was one of a kind. I think these teams are a lot of reputation, that is true. Still, I do not feel like anyone who made the team was a bad defender. But, Grant definitely was a possibility, he is an awesome defender and is incredibly versatile in who he can stop.

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Tony Allen should have been in the first team.

Tony Allen should have been in the first team. For the simple reason he goes hard at his opponent each and every game, all game long. Bryant is also a very good defender if he wants to but not as consistent. Allen got robbed here.

Ibaka is a great shot blocker who's still improving, his defense in the regular season reminded me of a younger Dwight Howard who also was a great shot blocker, especially weak side help, but still lacked the top notch man to man defense. Now in the playoffs he has stepped up his game big time, especially his man to man defense and I have no doubt whatsoever Ibaka will make the 2nd team next year if he continues to improve like he did this year.

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He definitely deserved it over Ibaka. He is an elite defensive rebounder, just as good as in his prime. The reason for Garnett's decline in rebounding is his regression to a historically poor offensive rebounder. His communication and relentlessness is still top notch.

Kobe certainly didn't deserve it. He can play great defense, but he is not put on the other teams top wings, in order to hide him so he doesn't have to work on defense. He is a good defender, but you can't say that he does play great defense consistently. Tony Allen didn't always get playing time early in the year, but he still is more deserving for playing way better defense on guys like Durant.

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It would be funny to see Nash

It would be funny to see Nash get a vote.

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