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Rumor: Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers Discussing Blockbuster?

By Mark Evans | Yahoo! Contributor Network – 1 hour 29 minutes ago
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Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers.

COMMENTARY | Following early playoff exits for both teams, reports are now surfacing that the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics may be discussing a blockbuster deal.
In the rumored trade, which can be found here, the Celtics would receive Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Caron Butler and Eric Bledsoe, with the Clippers getting Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and even head coach Doc Rivers in return.

It's hard to take a whole lot of stock in this rumor, but it's certainly interesting to think about.
For the Clippers, the motivation here would have to be to keep Chris Paul. Paul is a free agent this summer, and much has been made of whether or not he would want to stay if Vinny Del Negro is the head coach. Many think Paul does not want to play for Del Negro and would love to play for someone like Doc Rivers. While Kevin Garnett can certainly still play, the Clippers would have to have huge concerns about trading away their starting power forward and center. KG could give them good production for the next year or so, but giving up a cornerstone in Blake Griffin would be hard to do.

If you're the Celtics, you would have to pull the trigger on this. What better way is there to start over than grabbing a young superstar in Blake Griffin, as well as additional pieces like DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe? With Bledsoe on the roster, the Celtics would also be given flexibility to shop around Rajon Rondo for additional pieces. Imagine starting new with Griffin, Jordan, Bledsoe, and whatever they would get in return for Rondo?

All of this being said, it's tough to imagine that the Clippers would be willing to part with so many young pieces just to get aging veterans and a better coach. However, you have to wonder how much Chris Paul will weigh coaching in his decision. If he has told the organization that he will stay with a coach like Doc Rivers, everything changes.


I can't really imagine this happening at all, but damn, that would be a huge shakeup.

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Already been discussed

Already been discussed multiple times. There is no way on earth the Clippers would even consider this. Take Griffin out of the equation and Boston should still consider Jordan, Butler, and Bledsoe for Pierce and KG. I thought that trade might get done at the deadline, but there is no way the Clippers include Griffin.

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welcome to 3 days ago.

welcome to 3 days ago.

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Insanely stupid deal for the

Insanely stupid deal for the Clippers. They lose all of their trade assets outside of CP3 for 1-2 year window. The problem is that Miami is still going to be dominating for at least next year, the Spurs probably have two years left and the Thunder will be used to not having Harden. Not to mention the Clippers still wouldn't be THAT big of a threat. Oh and not to mention they would give up their 24 year old all star PF who is probably one of the top 5 players in the league drawing fans (NOT TOP 5 AS AN ACTUAL PLAYER) for two guys nearing 40...

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If the Clippers want to keep

If the Clippers want to keep Paul, they should hire Byron Scott. They have a history together and apparently, Paul loved Scott back in their tenure together. In my opinion, coach Scott is one of the most overrated coaches in the history of the NBA.

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Hire Phil Jackson as head coach/gm/ president of operation/king of L.A.
Sign Howard
Enjoy watching laker fans make excuses.

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Even still

I've never heard of a CIA h getting traded. That's crazy haha

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Better Idea.Clippers trade

Better Idea.
Clippers trade Griffin and Jordan
Blazers trade Aldridge, Nolan Smith, #10 pick, 2014 pick (goes to Dallas if outside of lotto)

Clippers trade Bledsoe
Magics trade Afflalo

Clipps will now have cap space to sign D12 t a max deal. With #10 pick, draft a future sf (Muhamad, Adetokoubo, Saric) or depth at the 4/5 like Plumlee


Blazers- Lilliard-Matthews-Batum-Griffin-Jordan

Magics- Bledsoe-McLemore-Harkless-Harris-Vuvecic

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I'm not convinced there's

I'm not convinced there's nothing to all these rumors.

While I agree whole heartedly that the price for Pierce and Garnett is much too high... infact, its insanely high, but thats not to say that Griffin, Jordan and Bledsoe are not on the table.

There was a rumor late in the season that Griffin and Jordan were clashing with Paul because he was riding them so hard in prepartion for the playoffs. They didn't care much for Paul's ways. Turns out Paul was exactly right. Griffin and Jordan weren't ready for the seriousness and intensity of playoff basketball. Factor in their glaring weakness's such as when your PF can't hit the midrange jumper and screws up spacing for everyone else because of cheating D... and has a mediocre post up game where its either rim or bust. When your Center and PF can't hit free throws so your hesitant to give them the ball late in games. Crucial aspects in a playoff series. You can't pay these guys a combined 26 mil per year and not be able to trust them in the playoffs.

Its also been rumored that Paul has some signifigant input on roster makeup. I have to believe that in Pauls mind there are more complimentary pieces out there. Paul values skilled, intelligent players... not athletes.

If I'm the Clips I'd sell high on Griffin and Jordan. I'd resign Bledose with some of the savings (and depending on price) or send him to a team who's willing to pay through the nose for him. I'd also line my pockets with future 1st's in these trades to build around in the future since its unlikely the Clips will be seeing too many lottery picks.

Giving up Griffin, Jordan and Bledsoe for 2 years of Garnett and 3-4 of Pierce is not a good trade. Both of these guys looked noticeably slower and worn during these playoffs but they are fighting through it hard.

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The Clippers should think

The Clippers should think about a sign and trade. Send Chris Paul to the Celtics for Rajon Rondo,
Jeff Green and a pick.

Rondo, Bledsoe, Caron Butler, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan is a pretty nice team. Then they can bring Billups,
Jamal Crawford and Jeff Green off the bench.

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How the heck can you trade a

How the heck can you trade a coach?

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Ok, not that I think this

Ok, not that I think this rumor is a good one, nor do I think it has any legs- they would not "trade" Rivers. Celtics will agree to let Rivers out of his contract, then Rivers will sign on to coach LA. Again, don't think this thing has any legs to it, but Garnet refused to waive he no trade clause bc he wants to play with Pierce. He has reportedly stated that he will only waive his no-trade clause if he's packaged with Pierce, however Pierce doesn't want to really leave Boston much and really wants to stay with Rivers. So the basis of this rumor is that Garnet waives his no-trade since Pierce is included, and Pierce is okay with the trade bc 1. Rivers will be let go and will sign on to coach LA and 2. He goes home to LA.

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