Would they work together?

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Would they work together?

Yall know that I am big on Mayo right now.. I traded for him in one of my fantasy leagues and I am about to get him in my other one.. Here is my question to you...

Would Mayo work in Sacramento with Evans??

IMO, yes.. You start them both in the back court because they compliment each other pretty well.. Mayo isnt just a shooter, he can create his shot off of Evans.. IMO, that is a big problem with that team right now.. Evans is the only guy who can create for himself.. Yea Udrith can a lil but he isn supposed to set up others...

I was thinking possibly Jason Thompson for Mayo.. Maybe a pick thrown in either way.. Thompson is a great backup for the Grizz and they could prep him to start in place of Randolph in case he leaves.. Then, Mayo is the other scorer that Sacramento needs to play with Evans..

Would this work?

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do the nba trade machine on

do the nba trade machine on espn its easier to see

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I was wondering the same

I was wondering the same thing a couple of days ago. Though I suppose it’s more of normality for me to wonder, being that I am a Kings fan. It would certainly give Mayo a little more freedom on offense and would create a back court that would be very hard to match up with. I am not sure how he and Evans would mesh personality wise, but it has possibilities. Might be a problem getting the Grizzlies to agree to that trade though. Even though Mayo is struggling this year I think Memphis expects a little more in trade value for Mayo. Mabey this:

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I think they would work

I think they would work together because you have a slasher and a shooter. Also Mayo defense is above average and he can guard pgs

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