Would D'Antoni

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Would D'Antoni

Would D'Antoni be a good fit with the Portland Trailblazers.

Nate McMillian has lost this team and Portland players are more suited to uptempo style than half court of McMillan.

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Oh God No! Nate is a

Oh God No! Nate is a wonderful coach and a well rounded when it comes to coaching and when it comes to dantoni he's more one dimension when it comes to coaching, I have faith in nate, it's been a pretty bad year for the blazers do to No fault of his

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you're one of the few Blazers fans who want to keep Nate.

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Sorry Nate has gotten a pass

Sorry Nate has gotten a pass with the injuries in the past.

No major injuries and they have some talent they should be better.

Him coaching the Blazers seems like a good idea and they have a big man who can shoot and finish. If they resign Felton he's played under Dantoni so that shouldn't be a problem.

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No a bad idea considering

No a bad idea considering they have Felton and Aldridge who could be a terror in the pick and roll like Felton and Amare were early last year. Plus they got Batum and Mathews and other shooters to space the floor. I think D'Antoni would be a good fit on Portland and that team already has a defensive side to them.

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Mike D'Antoni could make good

Mike D'Antoni could make good use of the current Portland roster but personally I don't see how he would do a much better job than Nate.

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