Would consider these guys bust?

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Would consider these guys bust?

Melvin Ely
Chris Wilcox
TJ Ford
Martell Webster
Sean May
Rashad McCants
Marvin Williams
Jarvis Hayes
Nick Collison
Jared Jefferies
Rodney Carney
Brandon Wright
Julian Wright
Acie Law
Tony Battie (remember, he was drafted 5th overall by dallas)
Antonio Daniels (drafted 4th overall)

add more if u would like

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everybody but tj ford,marvin

everybody but tj ford,marvin williams, and greg oden. ford is a solid contributor and before that spinal injury he had he was on his way to being a damn good pg. marvin williams is a starter on a playoff team and he is a solid contributor as well. it isn't like he rides the pine like adam morrison. and i just feel bad for oden because prior to his injury this pst year i think he would've made the all star team. when oden plays he's productive. to me adam morrison is the definition of an nba bust. people comparing him to larry bird and labeling him the great white hope was the best laugh i had in a long time

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i c ur point, im not sayin

i c ur point, im not sayin any of those guys r bust at all, to me i get caught in between whether or not they r

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Melvin Ely-Bust Chris Wilcox-

Melvin Ely-Bust
Chris Wilcox- More like an underachiever
TJ Ford-Nah, not really a bust. He's had a solid career.
Martell Webster- Underachiever.
Sean May-Bust
Rashad McCants-Underachiver. Due to his attitude
Marvin Williams-Underachiever, but he could be a very good player if used right.
Telfair- Bust I'd say.
Jarvis Hayes-Bust.
Nick Collison-Solid career.
Jared Jefferies- Bust
Rodney Carney- Bust
Conely- Underachiever considereing where he was picked.
Oden- So far a bust.
Yi- Underachiever.
Brandon Wright- Bust.
Julian Wright- Bust
Acie Law- Bust
Tony Battie (remember, he was drafted 5th overall by dallas)- Not quite a bust, but underachiever.
Antonio Daniels (drafted 4th overall)- Solid career, but underachieved considering where he was picked.

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I dont think Oden & T.J Ford

I dont think Oden & T.J Ford are busts...Injuries have slowed down both those guys..During his rookie year Ford looked like a future allstar before his neck injury...Ford problem now is he hasnt been able to shoot consistently from the outside and his lack of height is a negative on the defensive end..If he goes to a running team he can regain some confidence...

Some of the other guys on your list were overrated from the beginning or left college & high school way too soon ...Some were drafted high becuz they came out during weak drafts...

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A lot of these guys were just overrated by GM, scouts and or fans before they came into the league. At the very best I saw Jared Jeffries as a guy that COULD be a good defensive role player. Acie Law could score in college, but again a lot of these guys that get drafted are usually at least good scorers in college. Most just can't do it efficiently or without the ball in their hands all the time. Nick Collison in my opinion is about what you would have projected him to be. You might have hoped he would have been slightly better. I never watched Melvin Ely in college, but I remember him always getting signed. Some team always thinking he could help them. That guy fooled teams into contract after contract. A guy like Brendan Wright though can't help it that people thought he was way better than what he is. All he had shown was that he was a weak big guy that could dunk. I can probably find a few of those at the Y.

To me the busts are these can't miss guys or guys with so much hype and potential that never live up to it. So to me underachievers are busts too. Not all underachievers because Lamar Odom is one and he has multiple championships, as a 6th man, but the guy should have been a perennial all star at worst. The busts are the guys that get into the league that people think that can play, but just can't compete like a Luke Jackson.

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Marvin Williams - Just because Chris Paul and Deron Williams were picked after this loser
Telfair - Got almost as much hype as LeBron when they were seniors.
Yi - People said he was going to be the better Asian than Yao.
Brandan Wright - I remember when he was supposed to be the #2 or #3 pick. This guy was talked about as the next Garnett.
Sean May - He sucks but I never thought he would be a good NBA player.
Martell Webster - For a #6 pick he is clearly nothing special

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A lot of underachievers but a few are not... Oden showed that he can dominate when healthy not a bust just injury prone... Yi seem like he just doesnt want to work harder and become better he seems like as long as he gets paid he's ok I think he can still kick it up a notch... May was so good in college and so dominant but his NBA career isn't going well at all... Lack of insperation I guess

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When stats Oden puts up when

When stats Oden puts up when he's healthy, I wouldn't call him a bust. But if he stays injured the next couple years and begins to play as old as he looks.....

If this happens, he's one of the biggest busts of all time

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