worst officiating I have EVER seen

The officiating in the UNC Asheville-Syracuse game was embarrassing. The missed and one off the backboard, the lane violation and the misses out of bounds call. I have seen some blown calls in my life, but I cannot fathom three horribly missed calls all in about 10 minutes. I am stunned. Did anybody else witness this?

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I watched this sir. I am

I watched this sir. I am humiliated for UNCA. they got absolutely sodomized today by the referees. It wasn't even fair. That lane violation was just fu*king brutal. Absolute bullsh_it. It just was so unfortunate to have the game end in that fashion. Those officials blew it beyond belief.

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&$#%#&@! the refs. The NCAA

&$#%#[email protected]! the refs. The NCAA might apologize later, but UNC-Asheville can't get there season back. They were going to make history and the refs blew it. They should be fired immediately.

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That out of bounds call was

That out of bounds call was the worst call EVER!! The ref was there in position, I can't believe it. I feel horrible for UNC-Asheville. They deserved to win that game. If Dickey hits more than one shot, they win this game easily. Wow.

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