Worst Lawsuit Ever

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Worst Lawsuit Ever

This is why lawyers have reputations as vultures. The Spurs are getting sued for unfair and deceptive practices for resting players against the Heat. I hope the lawyer gets fined by the court system for a frivolous lawsuit because he's wasting taxpayers dollars with this crap and if I'm the Heat I ban him from all future games because he's a d-bag.

Way to go Popovich, makes me like your decision to rest the stars even more.

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That is funny. Good luck with that one in court

Not to go off topic, but the worst lawsuit ever has got to be the AIG one essentially suing the American people for bailing them out of bankruptcy. Hank Greenberg should be thankful he doesn't live in a different century because he might of already had his head severed by now.

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He should sue the heat for

He should sue the heat for keeping the game way to close, only pop can take a team of backups to a near win over the reigning champs

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Wow, but what boggles the

Wow, but what boggles the mind is why anyone would ever file a lawsuit that they know they're going to lose? There's no way the he comes even close to winning this suit, although I'd love to see a video of Greg Popovich testifying in court if it ever gets there, lol. I don't know why the league is all over Pop's balls about this, he rested his players because he felt like it, he's the coach, he can do whatever the hell he wants with his team. IF they're going to sue him for managing his team, than can someone please sue Mike D'Antoni for making Pau shoot so many jump shots? I mean it's effectively the same thing, Here's the quote from that lawyer.

"If I was taking my 6-year-old son and daughter to the game, I would want them to see everybody," Popovich said. "And if they weren't there, I'd be disappointed."

And if I'm taking my 6 year old daughter or son to the game, I don't want to see Pau Gasol shooting jumpshots when he should be in the post. He's almost non-existent shooting jumpers. Sorry if I got off-topic, lol.

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Not gonna lie, my dad had to

Not gonna lie, my dad had to do jury duty today, I now hope this is the case he is on haha

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1. I love the Spurs with all

1. I love the Spurs with all my heart but David is realy getting his Vince McMahon on in his last few years

2. This is the worst lawsuit ever.

Woman sued by husband for having ugly baby

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&$#%#&@! day at work and you

&$#%#[email protected]! day at work and you just about made me piss myself laughing. Thanks man

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Actually it isn't that bad a

Actually it isn't that bad a suit. Didn't Stern basically fine the Spurs for basically the same reason and on behalf of the fans? That fine is probably a good piece of evidence in his case. This will be a class action and if the lawyer wins he will have to share some of the winnings with the fans from that game. (Obviously after keeping his fees, he is doing this to make money.)
The question is when you buy an NBA ticket what rights have you gotten? Everyone knows certain games are more expensive than others. And it is partly to see certain players. I'm looking forward to the Nets - Spurs game to see Duncan, Parker and Ginobli. The teams charge more for those tickets. The fans pay a lot more on sites like stub hub. I doubt this is a winning suit, but I also don't think it will get dismissed immediately.

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This smells like a lawyer

This smells like a lawyer trying to create a bigger stink and will look to get an early settlement from the spurs to avoid the costs of the lawsuit as well as the bad pr of a lawsuit to an establishment. all he really has to do is win summary judgement. he doesnt have to win on the merits, simply show thats theres a possible case to be made. and the fact that the NBA league office giving the spurs a sanction is evidence that there is a case to be made.

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