World Championships

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World Championships

I am going to go out on a limb and say Spain will win the world championship. They will have a team full of guys that play with each other and they are replacing Gasol with the mvp Fran Vasquez. My other BOLD prediction is Ricky Rubio will be a top 5 player in the world championship.

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Australia will win.

Australia will win.

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as a fellow aussie on this site

shut the hell up pattymills
bringing us a bad name

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i agree that USA isn't gonna

i agree that USA isn't gonna have an easy road. kevin durant is their leader, and although he is an awesome player, he is only 21 and has gotten to the playoffs only's gonna be tough for 'em.
because of the leader thing, i think chauncey billups will be a good addition and they should take him

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I think the U.S team is

I think the U.S team is probably going to win because they're just too good not to.
But it certainly will be a tough task, since it's not the superstar-stacked team that dominated the olympics two years ago.

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Not a chance in hell that

Not a chance in hell that Rubio is a top 5 player. He's an average player in the Euroleague at best.

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