Wolves sign Josh Howard

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Wolves sign Josh Howard

Should help bring a little more wing athleticism and depth to the team...Howard had a relatively acceptable season with Utah last year, lets see if he can help out Minnesota

He'll sign a 1 year deal for the veteran's minimum

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He still got something left

He still got something left in his tank. Enough to give some minutes off bench. The truth is that it doesn't really matter who Wolves sign, they just need someone to play as their players are getting injured one after another.

As Wolves still manage to win games you have to give huge credit to Rick Adelman, he is getting the most out of the players that are left. Although, that's not something new to him, he was having very similar problems of injured players in Houston when Yao and McGrady were out very often.

I'm eager to see what quality game they will show when everyone will be healthy. They definitely will contend for a playoff spot in the end of the season.

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This just in, Howards knee

This just in, Howards knee gave out as soon as he signed the paper work. Adding yet another hurt player to the already injury riddled roster.

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Are you sure they didn't sign

Are you sure they didn't sign Matt Howard? Because according to the recent article posted here, Minny is going all white. :) Possibly a bad joke on my part.

I don't know why Josh wasn't on a team already. He is a good player. He plays hard, good mid range game and competes on D. I think he could have helped a team like the Lakers who struggle with depth.

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Wolves just need some guys to

Wolves just need some guys to be able to run a practice and be able to finish games. Josh Howard has lost his atheleticism, even though he isn't that old. His TS% in 2010 was 42% and in 2011 was 46%, those are unacceptable numbers unless you are bringing something else pretty special to the table besides scoring. That is why he was out of the league and was willing to sign for league minimum. Unless he bounces back somehow, he isn't going to be able to help the Wolves win games.

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I find it fascinating that

I find it fascinating that Josh Howard can only muster a mid season minimum deal while Demar Derozan gets 4/40mil.

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