Wolves owner Glen Taylor says team will most likely keep 2nd Pick

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Wolves owner Glen Taylor says team will most likely keep 2nd Pick

Taylor said he is excited about the Wolves' recent luck in getting the second pick in the draft. Most mock drafts list Duke point guard Kyrie Irving and Arizona forward Derrick Williams as the top two picks. Taylor said he believes the team will retain the draft choice.

"I think it's most likely we'll keep [the pick] ... but we're open to look at a trade," said Taylor, who will let Kahn make the final decision. "But most likely we'll keep [the player who is drafted]. I just think when you get a pick that high, you would want to keep it for the future."

What do the Wolves do?

1) Select Derrick Williams, move Beasley/Flynn/20th Pick for a Starting C or Starting SG?

2) Select Enes Kanter?

3) Select Jonas Valanciunas?

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The more I look at it, the

The more I look at it, the more I would want Enes Kanter to be drafted at number two instead of Williams.. I just feel like Beasley is a great player that has the potential to be one of or THE go-to guy going forward late in the game. He causes match up problems because of his size and abilities with the ball. At this point, taking Derrick Williams sounds nice, but we'd have to develop him a lot in order to get him to play like how Beasley is playing now. I think that the one thing that MN is missing especially is a big bruising center. Enter Enes Kanter. There have been questions about his natural position, but at 6'10 or 6'11, and 260 pounds, he's big enough to play center and throw his body around with the other centers in the league. I think that a tandem of Kanter and Love could be great going forward because they can (somewhat) both stretch the floor, rebound, and have a high motor. If we can get two of our bigs getting consistent double doubles, I like our chances of rebuilding.

While it is true that going forward and becoming a contender in the NBA in this era usually means having a star at the PG position, something we don't have (yet. Maybe with Rubio...), but honestly our core group of guys right now can win once they can some more experience. Johnson showed flashes of what he can be, playing great defense and also coming up big in scoring in some games. Beasley can be our go-to guy and primary scorer (just need to work on his consistency and shot selection). Love is Love, he is a constant double double threat regardless how much game planning goes in to try and stop him. Kanter could potentially be the same way in the coming years as he grows as a player and learns to compliment Love in certain ways. Our last missing piece is a facilitator that can spread the ball around and lead the break, scoring can come secondary. That could be exactly what Rubio could be to this team and if we can bring him in for this next season (or the season after if there is a lockout), I think we can get him into playing form and he has the potential to let loose what the Wolves have been missing and hopefully start converting that into some wins.

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I'd try to get Galinari and Birdman. Either for the 2nd pick or a combination of players and picks.

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who knows what kahn will do

imo they should draft kanter sense they dont have a legit starting c darko has developed into a very nice back up but hes not a starting c but with kahn who knows what he will do

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I would take Derrick Williams

I would take Derrick Williams & figure out the rest later. Gotta take the best player available here. Must take advantage of having the 2nd pick.

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