wolves future

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wolves future

im sure ill get some negatives for this but for the record i dont believe they should do this i just think if there was ever a time to do it it would be now. as far as the two pg idea goes, rubio and irving are about as good as it gets. both can guard the one and two, both can shoot fairly well from all spots on the floor and both can feed beasley love randolph and whoever else they end up putting inside. just interesting...something to think about.

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"both can shoot fairly well from all spots on the floor"

At least Rubio can't: his shot is a work in progress. Lucky that the point system doesn't work now lol

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The word is that Rubio can't

The word is that Rubio can't shoot and can't finish at the rim. There was some recent article that said he might be top five in the league at passing the day he shows up but basically one of the worst at scoring (think the jumper of Rondo combined with the finishing ability of Kyle Korver).

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^^^^^ lol

^^^^^ lol

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